Best 60 Degree Wedges for 2022

A 60 degree wedge is a great option for the golfer that struggles to get out of the bunker or get a golf ball to stop on a green. Lob wedges or 60 degree wedges are very versatile golf clubs that every golfer should have in their bag.

If you are only carrying the sand wedge and the gap wedge and you think it is time to add a 60 degree into your bag, we have all the information you need. Here are the best 60 degree wedges in 2022.

Our list of the BEST 60 Degree Golf Wedges

Best For Higher Handicapper: Cleveland CBX 2 60 Degree

The Cleveland CBX 2 is the perfect 60 degree wedge for a high handicapper. This is a cavity back design with a hollow cavity designed to help people struggling with consistent performance. Years ago, the majority of 60 degree wedges on the golf course were blade style, but today there are both blade and cavity back style options that do a great job.

One of the things that players often worry about when going to a 60 degree wedge is the fact that they feel is not necessarily as good. The great news is that the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge has an incredible feel with the Feel Balancing Technology and GelbackTPU Insert.

The Rotex Face on the Cleveland Golf Wedges and the Tour Zip Grooves also allow for increased spin on these best lob wedges. If you are a higher handicapper that is ready to add a 60 degree wedge to your game, this is a really smart choice.


  • Plenty of forgiveness for the higher handicapper
  • Amazing feel
  • Hollow cavity back design for consistency


  • May not have as much workability as a blade style golf wedge

Best Cheap 60 Degree Wedges: Wilson Harmonized

The Wilson Harmonized Wedge is one of the lowest-priced options on the market. With a Wilson Harmonized golfers get a versatile lob wedge, deeper grooves, and plenty of workability. If your short game needs more height and spin for a reduced price, the Wilson Harmonized is the way to go.

This is a blade style wedge that is actually very versatile. You can open and close the club face to create maximum spin or loft. In addition, golfers can use these Wilson Harmonized wedges to increase accuracy and reliability.


  • Very low pricing
  • Classic looking golf wedge
  • Impressive spin for the price
  • Versatile wedge technology


  • It does not have the soft feel that some other wedges do

Best For Bunker Play: C3i Wedge

Too many golfers think that the 56 degree wedge is the only good one out of the bunker. However, if you want to get good out of the bunkers, you need to use more than one club from your golf bag. The C3i Wedge is one of the best choices on the market, and it is affordable and very easy to launch.

The great thing about this C3i Wedge is that it will help players that have a hard time with digging or sticking the club into the ground. The C3i is technically a 59 degree wedge, but with the high bounce leading edge and the impressive spin, you can count this in with the other 60 degree wedges on the market.

There is also a 65 degree option that works quite well for players that need excess launch and control of their golf shots. The C3i wedge may not be a golf wedge that you have heard of in the past, but it is entirely legal according to the USGA and truly makes the bunker play with a 60 degree quite a bit easier.


  • Can hit it out of a variety of lies
  • Easy to launch
  • It eliminates some of the bad shots that golfers hit with a 60 degree
  • USGA conforming


  • Feel won’t be quite as good as a high-end Cleveland or Callaway wedge

Best 60 Degree Wedges for Feel: TaylorMade MG3

TaylorMade has been making the Milled Grind wedge for several years. Each time the Milled Grind wedge is updated, it seems to have an even better feel and impressive spin. The newest TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 has the raw face technology that is becoming quite popular for players.

With an MG3 golf wedge, players are getting more spin around the greens and the Raised Micro Ribs work very similarly to the groove in groove technology we see from other golf wedge manufacturers. The TaylorMade golf wedges go through an extensive milling process to improve consistency and make it easier for golfers to repeat performance.

This is one of our favorite options for the players with mid to low handicaps looking for a high performing golf club on both partial shots and full swing golf shots.


  • Impressive sharp grooves
  • Great looking golf wedge
  • Good for the mid to high swing speed player
  • Consistent spin across the entire face


  • The classic blade shape is not as forgiving

Best 60 Degree Wedges for Consistency: Cleveland ZipCore

For golfers that are serious about consistency in the lob wedge, the Cleveland ZipCore is the best choice. With the best 60 degree wedges on the market, you have to have complete confidence in what the club can do and how it will perform in your golf bag. The new ZipCore has some impressive spin, a high MOI, and improved control.

For players that feel like the grooves on the golf club tend to fall apart over time, the new heat treatment in the RTX ZipCore will help players that worry about deterioration over time. The ZipCore wedges come with three different sole grinds so that you can get either higher or lower bounce on your Cleveland wedges.

Like some of the other Cleveland wedges on the market, you can also get both graphite and steel shafts in the Cleveland ZipCore wedges. We are impressed with both options, but make sure you find the one that most closely matches the needs of your short game and your swing speed.


  • Impressive stock golf shaft options
  • Wedges create more spin than previous models
  • Optimized center of gravity for increased overall performance


  • Platinum Chrome is the only finish available
  • Not as forgiving for the high handicappers as the CBX golf wedges

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best 60 Degree Wedge

These best 60 degree wedges will be a great combination for several players. However, making sure that you find a 60 degree wedge that works well for your game can get a little tricky. It is essential to find something that will improve your consistency and your confidence in your chipping and pitching.

Blade vs. Cavity Back

Mid to high handicappers should consider switching to a cavity back style wedge to be able to get more performance on bunker shots as well as approach shots to the green. These cavity back style wedges are more forgiving and easier to launch.

Mid to low handicap golfers need to consider the blade style wedge game with increased bounce angles and more versatility.

Spin Technology

With a 60 degree wedge, you will want a lot of spin. Try to ensure that tWedgedge that you choose has technology designed to maximize spin. This may mean something like the groove in groove technology or a precision milled face; it is just essential o ensure that tWedgedge will help golfers get the spin that they need from their shots.

Groove Durability

Most of the better golf wedge manufacturers are starting to use a treatment on the wedges to ensure that the grooves stay in great shape for the duration of the golf wedges’ life. Essentially if you play a lot of golf and are constantly having to sharpen your grooves, the new groove durability technology can help you save some time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 60 degree wedge can really help improve your game. If you are serious about the golf clubs you put in your bag, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions that golfers have about the 60 degree wedges that can help their game.

What are 60 degree wedges for?

The 60 degree wedge works well for high lofted shots into a green. Most players save thWedgedge for the shorter shots that need to get up quickly and stop quickly. The higher lofted wedges like the 60 degrees are not always the best choice for full swing approach shots into the green. The 60 degree wedge is also a good choice for hitting shots from a bunker.

How far should you hit a 60 degree wedge?

How far you hit the 60 degree wedge will depend entirely on your club head speed. If you are a fast swinging player, expect a 60 degree to go nearly 100 yards. For slower swing speed players, the ball may only travel about 60 yards.

Do all golfers need a 60 degree wedge?

All golfers should have a 60 degree wedge in their bag for those difficult situations where the ball needs to get up and down quickly. Most of the time, the 60 degree wedge also allows players to get spin on their golf shots and stop the ball exactly where it lands. If you want to improve your short game, the 60 degree wedge is necessary.

Final Thoughts

The wedges on this list make it hard to make a mistake. Any of these clubs could be a good choice for your golf game. However, there is something to be said about how Cleveland, TaylorMade, and Callaway make impressive golf wedges. These wedges will improve your overall scores, make you more confident in your wedge technology and help you see the potential you have in your golf game. A 60 degree wedge is too essential a club not to have in the bag. It’s time to find the right one for you and take advantage of the spin and launch the technology on the market.

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