Best Center Shafted Putter in 2022

Center shafted golf putters are a unique style, yet they offer players a tremendous amount of stability at impact. Sometimes when using a center shafted golf putter, golfers will notice an increase in consistency at impact and better feel.

Center shafted putters are not always as common as heel shafted putters. If you have had trouble finding the best center shafted putters on the market, we have you covered with these top five best options on the market.

Our list of the BEST Center Shafted Putters

Best Premium Center Shafted Putter: TaylorMade Truss

The TaylorMade Truss putter is the best premium center shaft putter on the market. The idea here is that the connection points between the shaft and the club head are actually doubled. There is essentially a truss at the top of the putter that improves the stability in the club head.

We will admit that this is an interesting design that will likely be something completely different than what you have used in the past. On the face of the TaylorMade Truss, there is a Blue Pure Roll Insert. The insert helps to improve the feel. There is also a better sound coming from the putter head with this insert.

The TaylorMade Truss is an adjustable head that helps players who are looking to find a perfect match for their golf game.


  • Very stable feel at impact
  • Helps with alignment
  • Stepless Stability Shaft for more consistent power
  • Adjustable sole weights


  • Premium pricing

Best Adjustable Center Shafted Putter: Rife Golf Two Ball Mallet Putter

Some adjustability in a center shafted putter is smart. If you don’t have the ability to change the weighting and the feel, you may need to change your putter more often. Adjustable sole weights allow both mallet putters and blade putters to have a more custom feel for a player.

Rife makes a premium golf putter that has been used on the tour. The Two Ball Mallet Putter is a center shaft design and one that players use for proper alignment and excellent consistency. One of the technologies that Rife uses to make their golf putters unique is the 2 degrees of loft.

These Rife putters only have 2 degrees of loft, and that encourages a much lower roll. Of course, all putters have a low roll, but the sooner they can start turning end over end, the better your chances are of a golf ball staying on the proper line.


  • Premium feel
  • Adjustable sole weights
  • More consistent than a heel shafted putter


  • Rife putters are not always easy to find when it comes to testing before buying

Best Value Center Shafted Putter: Ray Cook Silver Ray

The Ray Cook Silver Ray center shafted putter is a very good value. If you are a player who is unsure whether a center shafted putter could be a good fit for you, the Ray Cook putter is a great option. With a Ray Cook Silver Ray in play, you can test this putter out for a very fair value and see how this works for your game.

The great thing about the Ray Cook Silver Ray is that it is tour weighted, so the putter still has an excellent feel, even with a lower price. These putters come with a mid sized paddle grip that helps to ensure your hands stay stable on the putter as you swing. Players that like a classic design but need the consistency of a center shaft will like this Silver Ray putter.


  • Midsized grips
  • Reduced glare
  • Very low pricing
  • Tour weighted head for a consistent stroke


  • If you don’t protect the head well, the paint will chip over time

Best Mallet Center Shafted Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 10.5CS Men’s Right Hand Putter

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 10.5 Center Shaft is an excellent option for a golfer that wants a mallet style design and impressive distance control. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft feel putter has a very soft feel coming from the face and outstanding feel technology.

One of the great things about the Cleveland Huntington Beach is the Speed Optimized Face Technology. For golfers that end up struggling with a consistent roll, the Huntington Beach golf putter can help. All center shafted putters offer improved consistency in the putting stroke, but combining that will feel is even more impressive.


  • Made with 304 Stainless Steel technology
  • High quality CNC Milling pattern
  • Softer feel than previous Huntington Beach models
  • Diamond CNC milling pattern


  • Could use a bit more head weight

Best Blade Center Shafted Putters: See More Center Shafted Putter

Sometimes it can be easier to find center shaft putters that are a mallet style than a blade style. Many blade style putters are heel shafted golf putters. The great thing about the blade putters is that they offer consistent distance and sometimes a better feel on a putting green.

The See More Center Shafted putter features the RifleScope Technology Alignment System. This alignment system helps players that struggle to keep the ball headed toward the hole. When you struggle with the alignment, you often make corrections unknowingly in the putting stroke.

Finding a golf club like the See More Center Shafted putter that allows you to trust your stroke is a much better fit for most players.


  • Much easier alignment than other golf clubs
  • Decreased putter offset
  • Dynamically balanced putter face


  • Not a traditional blade style putter, it may take some time to get used to

Buyers Guide: How To Choose A Center Shafted Putter

Purchasing a center shafted golf putter could have a very big impact on your game. The putter is the most important club in the golf bag and the one that is used most frequently. If you struggle with consistency in your putting game, the center shafted putter could be the solution. Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing a center shafted putter.


The shaft of the golf putter used to be standard. However, in today’s world of improved technology, there are now some graphite and steel options available. IF you are a great player and want the best putter technology on the market, start to look into the Stroke Lab putters from Oddysey and the shaft technology that they have.

Mallet vs. Blade

The center shafted putters come in both a mallet design and a blade design. The mallet is typically more forgiving, and the blade is often a better choice on fast greens or for low handicap players. Mallet vs. Blade arguments could go on for days; the key is to find something that feels great for your particular golf stroke.

Classically Styled Putters vs. Modern Putters

Have you noticed that most of the golf putters on the market are getting larger? The more oversized design putters can offer adjustable weighting, forgiveness, and a very smooth roll. However, for players that have been around the game for a long time, these putters can be a bit of an adjustment to switch to from a traditional putter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The switch to a center shafted putter can be a tough one. There is an adjustment that you will have to make in the look and the feel of the club and

Who should use a center shafted putter?

The golfers that benefit the most from a center shafted putter have an inconsistent putting stroke. A center shafted golf putter allows the shaft to be more stable and keeps the golf putter head on the proper line. Most of the time, the golfer with the straight back and straight through putting stroke does quite well with a center shafted putter.

Is a blade or mallet putter better?

Both blade and mallet putters can be good; the idea is to find one that matches your putting stroke correctly. The mallet putters are best for golfers with a straight back and straight through putting stroke. The blade putters are for the arc-style putting stroke, as they help to get the putter square at impact.

Are center shafted putters worth it?

Center shafted putters can sometimes be priced higher than standard putter shafts. This is simply because there are fewer models on the market to choose from. Most golfers switching to a center shafted putter find that their putting gets more consistent. All golfers can benefit from a more consistent putting stroke.

If you are playing quite well currently and you simply want a technology upgrade, it may make more sense to stay with the heel-shafted putter. The switch from the heel to the center can be a bit involved, and it makes more sense to make this change if there is something you struggle with in your putting game.

Final Thoughts

The best center shafted putter on the market will help you increase the consistency in your golf game, improve overall feel, and make more putts. A putter like the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Center Shaft can help ensure that your golf ball is rolling on the proper line and heading towards your target more consistently. The TaylorMade Truss is our best premium pick. Golf putters are much more stable at impact when the shaft is in the center. Both beginners and high handicappers can benefit from this.

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