Best Golf Bucket Hats For Sun Protection

Playing golf exposes people to hours of sun exposure. Although this can be a great way to warm up on a cool day, you must also be aware of the way that the sun can impact you from a physical perspective. Rays from the sun can be harmful, and spending 5-7 hours outside means, you must be adequately protected and prepared.

One of the best ways to do this is to wear a golf bucket hat. Golf bucket hats are sometimes called golf sun hats, and they do a tremendous job of keeping golfers safe. Let’s take a look at the best bucket hats for golfers and how you can choose the best one for you.

Best Golf Bucket Hats for Sun Protection

Best Overall: Callaway Bucket Hat

It probably comes as no surprise that Callaway makes some of the best bucket hats for sun protection. The great thing about this Callaway Bucket Hat is that it will keep you cool, but at the same time, the high tech fabric can protect you from the sun.

With golf hats for sun protection, it is important to consider the UV protection that you get. The Callaway Bucket Hat has a 50+ UV Protection that does a great job of keeping your skin on your face and even the back of your neck from getting too much exposure.

The Callaway Bucket hat comes in two different sizes and two different colors. Regardless of the outfit, you are wearing; you will have a sun hat to fit your needs.


  • Bucket type design good for sun and rain
  • One of the best golf hats for UV Protection
  • Cooling sweatband for comfort during the summer


  • Not as wide as some other golf bucket hats on the market

Best Premium Golf Bucket Hat For Sun Protection: Coolibar UPF 50

The Coolibar UPF 50 golf bucket hat is a premium golf hat for those that are interested in sun protection on the golf course. The hat is made from a 100% polyester material and can be a little tricky to wash, but it doesn’t take away from the UPF 50+ Protection this hat offers on the golf course.

In addition, the fabric is lite, so that it will feel almost like cotton. Overall you will find it to be breathable and lightweight, and it even dries quickly should you start to sweat on the golf course. The Coolibar hats come in three different sizes, which is important to consider when shopping.

Overall this is a hat that has worked its way up on the list of impressive golf hats for many years; you won’t be disappointed with the performance you get with the Coolibar name.


  • Polyester material
  • Elastic closure
  • Lightweight fabric


  • Hand wash only

Best Golf Bucket Hat For Windy Day: Adidas Men’s UPF Golf Hat

One of the issues that you will find with golf bucket hats is that they can blow off in the wind. On a windy day, a bucket hat that is not sized properly will fly off rather quickly. However, you can get certain golf bucket hats that have a drawstring closure.

The Adidas Men’s UPF Golf Hat is an excellent choice for those that are worried about losing their hat on a rough day. The hat is one size fits most design, but it is easily closed and made tighter with a drawstring closure.

The only complaint we have about the Adidas Men’s UPF Golf Hat is that it is a hand wash only design. Many of these hats are hand wash so that the sun protection on the hat does not start to deteriorate over time.


  • One size fits most
  • Will stay on tight on a windy day
  • 100% polyester material
  • Easy to adjust the size


  • Cannot machine wash

Best Sun Protection Golf Bucket Hat For Women Golfers: Adidas Originals Washed Bucket

Our best selection for a premium golf bucket hat, the Coolibar, is available in design for both men and women. However, it is essential to consider a few different options for the woman player. The Adidas originals Washed Bucket Hat is an excellent selection because it tends to fit a bit smaller and comes in a wide range of colors.

Women golfers are often looking to find a golf hat that matches with their clothing, and this option will get the job done. The Adidas Originals Washed Bucket hat is a 100% cotton material, and it is quite breathable. This may not be your best golf hat choice for a really warm summer day.

With the fair pricing and the retro style offered on the Adidas bucket hat, this is a great option to keep in the golf bag, so you are prepared for all weather conditions.


  • One of the best bucket hat options for color selection
  • Made from sustainable farming
  • Hand wash only
  • Cotton material is comfortable and durable


  • Will not offer additional UV Protection in this sun hat

Best Looking Golf Bucket Hat For Sun Protection: Puma Spring Break

The Puma Spring Break golf bucket hat is a perfect choice for the fashion conscious golfer. If you care about how a hat looks on the golf course, this hat has modern styling and design. When it comes to sun protection, the brim of the Puma Bucket Sun Hat is quite wide and will do a good job of protecting the face and the neck.

Another great thing to keep in mind about the Puma Spring Break hat is that there is a moisture wicking sweatband in the hat itself. This sweatband will help ensure that you will stay dry the entire time you are on the golf course.

Not that there is a design benefit to a golf sun hat with a tropical pattern on the underside, we still have to admit it looks quite good.


  • Great bucket style hat for style
  • Wide brim hats do an excellent job of covering the head and neck
  • No chin cord or chin straps to get in the way
  • Tropical print on the underside of the hat


  • Not the best choice for those that want UV protection in the hat

Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now have a better idea as to what golf hats could make the best golf sun hats for your game. The bucket hat is not the only type of golf sun protection hat on the market, but it is one that seems to work quite well for many people. The great thing about the golf bucket hat is that it does not do much to get in the way of your golf swing. You can swing freely and stay protected from the sun all at the same time.


The size of a bucket hat is critical. If you do not have the proper sizing of your hat, you will end up losing it a bit when a big gust of wind comes up. The bucket hats do not stay on quite as well as a cap or baseball hat. This means that the sizing must be considered, and you should look for bucket hats that are more fitted to your head size.

Sun Protection

The best golf hats for the sun will offer coverage for your face and your neck, yet they will also allow for UV protection in the fabric. Golf hats for sun protection should be able to block some of the harmful rays that are coming your way. If you are not capable of keeping your skin protected, the bucket hat is not doing its job.


Many golf hats come with a drawstring to help ensure that they stay in place. Although the concept of this is excellent, it is not necessarily going to help some players. If you think you will get distracted looking down at the cord, choose a different model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that are most commonly asked about golf bucket hats and their ability to help golfers that are exposed to the sun.

Are Golf Bucket Hats Good For Sun Protection?

Golf bucket hats are great for sun protection. If you are worried about your entire face being covered and want to ensure that your neck is adequately protected, you will love a bucket hat. Bucket hats offer much wider coverage than a baseball cap or hat style.

What’s The Difference Between A Bucket Hat And A Sun Hat?

A bucket hat is just one type of sun hat that golfers can choose between. With a bucket hat, you can expect that you will get a wide brim that covers the front of the face, even the top of the chest at times, and of course, the back of the next. Having a few different comfortable and easy-to-wear hats for sun protection will ensure that you actually use them.

Does A Bucket Hat Work In The Rain?

A bucket hat is often a popular choice for golfers that are playing in the rain. The bucket hat makes it so that the water does not flow directly down your face, and instead, it flows off the side of the hat and stays away from your face a bit. Keeping your face clear and your head dry is the best reason to put a rain-type bucket hat in your golf bag.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel as though you are choosing the best golf bucket hats on the market for sun protection. Remember that UV Rays will be something to look out for in both the summer and winter months. Keep this in mind so that you choose the proper golf hats for sun protection. Too much sun can lead to sunburn, skin reactions, and potentially even skin cancer. Take the necessary steps early in your golf career to ensure this is not a long term problem.

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