10 Best Golf Club Brands

Every golf club company has some impressive features and benefits. However, when it comes time to choosing a golf club set, it pays to understand the brand’s strengths and weaknesses. There are dozens of golf club brands on the market, but if you understand the top ten and their benefits, you can make some smart decisions about your next golf club set. Regardless of what your current brand preferences are, it’s important to be open-minded about the different golf club brands on the market.

Best Golf Club Brands

TaylorMade (Best For Distance)

TaylorMade golf clubs are known for their ball speed. With a TaylorMade in your hand, you can expect to get quite a bit of distance. TaylorMade tends to cater towards the golfers that love to hit the long drives down the center of the fairway.

Most of the marketing is geared towards the younger golfer that takes up the game to have fun with friends and admires the golfers on the PGA Tour. Players like Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson have used TaylorMade clubs at times throughout their careers.

One of the other things that help TaylorMade stand out as a top golf club brand is the mix of game improvement and player-type golf clubs. If you are a beginner and start with a set of TaylorMade golf irons, you will eventually be able to upgrade into something that works for a low handicapper. The variety of product offerings is quite good.

Cobra (Best For Forgiveness)

Cobra is known as one of the best golf club brands for forgiveness. Cobra Golf tries to make the game more enjoyable and easier for a wide range of players to access and enjoy. The F Max series from Cobra is one of the most forgiving on the market and allows for higher launch and ease of distance.

There are some great complete set options from Cobra that allow players to get started in the game and still maintain some control over their budget. Although Cobra is not the most popular brand on the PGA Tour, players like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler like to use the golf equipment from this golf club brand.

In the last few years, the ball speed in the Cobra golf clubs has increased significantly, and they can now compete from a distance perspective as well. 

Callaway (Best For Average Golfer)

Callaway Golf is one of the best golf brands for the average golfer. Years ago, when Callaway came out with the first Big Bertha golf clubs, we could easily see that this golf brand cares about the average player. If you are new to the game or simply enjoy a weekend of golf here and there, the Callaway golf club brand is an amazing choice for your game.

In the last few years, Callaway’s golf equipment has improved significantly when it comes to technology. Callaway Golf started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their golf manufacturing techniques.

The introduction of AI has made game improvement clubs even more effective and allowed high handicappers to become mid to high handicappers. Callaway is one of those golf club manufacturers that will release a new set of clubs every single year.

Phil Mickelson is one of the proudest supporters of the Callaway golf brands; using this equipment has worked out quite well for him.

Titleist (Best For Serious Golfer)

One of the best-known golf club brands for the better player is the Titleist golf clubs. Although Titleist has started to produce some game improvement irons, most of the irons and even the woods are geared towards players that want control over their golf shots.

With a Titleist golf club, you will get some very impressive feel that allows for controlled golf ball flight and increased precision in your game. Serious golfers like the consistency of the Titleist product as well. Each time a new release comes out, the Titleist fans know that they are getting a similar yet improved golf club.

Titleist also makes some very impressive fairway woods and wedges. The Vokey SM8 wedges are some of the most popular on the PGA Tour.

Mizuno (Best For Feel)

For many years the concept of great feel in golf clubs was limited to those with lower handicaps. However, as the Mizuno company has grown, they have started to give golfers of all handicap levels access to great feeling golf clubs.

One of the things that golfers say about Mizuno golf clubs is that as soon as they switch to this brand, they stick with it for the duration. Once you start playing with the Mizuno golf clubs, especially the irons, it is hard to ever change brands and play with a different club.

Since Mizuno is known for its impressive feel, you can expect a good portion of the golf clubs to be more of a blade style or forged golf iron. The clubs are made in Japan, and the forging process sets Mizuno apart from others on the market.

Luke Donald has used Mizuno golf clubs through the years, but many players are putting the wedges in the bag.

PXG (Best Premium Golf Clubs)

PXG is not the oldest golf club brand on the market, but it is certainly known for making some premium products. The PXG golf club brand is known for the feel and precision that they bring to the game. With these PXG in your hands, you certainly get the best technology and feel that the game has to offer.

One of the reasons that the PXG are so expensive is that they go through extensive product development and testing before they are released to the market. Golfers who play with the PXG brand clubs will be impressed with the overall feel and precision.

PXG has made a name for itself as a company that cares about the military and first responders. Since PXG has such a large following of golfers that are in this category, they offer very large discounts. Of all the golf club brands, the discount from PXG is one of the highest on the market.

Cleveland (Best Short Game)

Cleveland Golf makes some of the best wedges and putters for the average golfer. The Cleveland wedges have Tour Zip Grooves that help ensure the club will stop on the green exactly where it should. These Tour Zip Grooves are known for impressive control, regardless of a player’s handicap.

Along with the impressive Cleveland short game products, there are some really great game improvement-type clubs that Cleveland puts out. The original concept of the easy-to-hit hybrid iron has really been led by Cleveland golf.

The Cleveland Launcher Hybrid golf irons are some of the easiest to hit golf clubs on the market. These clubs will ensure that players can get easy launch and distance regardless of the lie that you get with your ball.

Wilson (Best For Beginner)

Wilson Golf has been around for many years. Although this company was one of the leaders in premium technology and feel for many years, they have narrowed down their product offering just a bit. Wilson golf makes a variety of drivers, fairway woods, irons, and even short game products. However, one of the things they are most well known for is the complete golf set options.

IF you are new to the game and need to purchase a complete golf set, Wilson offers some great options. These sets are available in junior, women, senior, and even tall golfer choices. Having the ability to get a slightly custom golf set fit to your needs as a new player can be very beneficial.

The Wilson golf club clubs are one of the best brands from a budget standpoint as well. Wilson knows that not all golfers have thousands of dollars to spend on an upgraded set of golf clubs. There are some Wilson Staff blade irons that will appeal to the low handicappers, but for the most part, these clubs are best for beginners that need forgiveness and performance. 

Ping (Best For Custom Fitting)

Ping golf clubs have revolutionized the concept of custom fitting for golfers. The Ping golf club brand has a unique fitting charge that gives players the ability to input their height and arm length and come up with a golf club that is perfectly fit to their needs. Once you know your Ping fitting number, you can continue with this for years to come.

One of the more unique things about the Ping golf clubs is their feel and forgiveness. These clubs all have a forged type feel that is unique to any other iron on the market. Ping is slower to release golf clubs to the market because they have higher manufacturing costs than other brands. Most of the assembly and some of the production are done in the United States.

Cameron Champ and Harris English are two modern-day pros that have the Ping golf clubs in their bag. This brand has so much history associated with it; it is almost one of the pillars in the world of golf equipment. 

Odyssey (Best Putters)

Last but certainly not least is Odyssey. Odyssey is a company that is associated with Callaway Golf, and they are known for golf putters. In fact, the only type of golf club that Odyssey makes is a putter. Those that are looking for tremendous precision and control on the greens will love what Odyssey has to offer.

We were impressed with the latest Stroke Lab technology release from Odyssey golf. WIth these putters, the shaft of the club was changed for the first time. Changing the shaft to something that is partially graphite and partially steel makes the putters extremely high performing.

There is an Odyssey putter for every player type, regardless of your handicap. Of the top 10 golf club brands on our list, Odyssey has some of the strongest brand recognition when it comes to putting green. Many PGA Tour golfers with club sponsorships and contracts will use an Odyssey in their bag because of the performance it can offer.

How To Choose The Best Golf Brands

Our list of the best golf brands on the market comes from years of experience and knowledge in the industry. It is hard for many players to understand and determine which golf brands are best for their needs.

As a new player, you can start by looking at some of your favorite golfers like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Bubba Watson, or Graeme McDowell. See what they are playing and then try out some of that equipment.

Another excellent option is to go to a demo day type experience where there are lots of different clubs to try at once. You may find yourself gravitating towards the way a certain club looks, performs, or feels. It can take a bit of time to become brand loyal as a golfer, but it eventually happens to all of us.

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