Best Golf Clubs on the Market in 2022

Anytime of the year is such a great time to start looking into new equipment. Almost all companies will release a new driver, set of irons, or wedges. Some of these are highly anticipated releases that have tremendous distance and forgiveness improvements from 2021.

We have put together a few of the best golf clubs on the market in 2022, there are plenty of great options, but each of the winners of these categories really stands out as the best. Here are the best golf clubs on the market in 2022.

Our list of the BEST Golf Clubs on the Market in 2022:

Best Driver 2022: Callaway Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max Driver is the best driver in 2022. Although this club was released late in 2021, it has some of the best technology that we have seen on the market for both speed and forgiveness. A Callaway Epic Max driver uses artificial intelligence to help ensure that the club offers the most premium performance.

The new Jailbreak Speed frame technology allows for incredibly high ball speeds and stability that other golf clubs do not offer. The hitting area or sweet spot for the Callaway Epic Max is large and allows both mid and high handicap golfers the forgiveness they need.

Callaway Epic Max drivers have plenty of adjustability, including a sliding weight and an OptiFit hosel. This adjustability allows players up to 20 yards of shaping in their shots. If you have a slight slice you want to fix, the Epic Max can help.


  • Higher launch and more forgiveness
  • Sliding rear weight for adjustability
  • OptiFit hosel
  • Plenty of distance from a large sweet spot
  • Jailbreak technology and artificial intelligence for improved performance from the Epic Flash


  • Not as much workability as a low handicap usually likes

Best Irons 2022: TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set

One of the newest and best sets of irons on the market is the TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set. These are game improvement irons with a forged iron feel even though they are cavity back technology. The idea here was to increase the technology introduced in the TaylorMade SIM2 Max cap back design and create an entirely different-looking iron.

With the new TaylorMade Stealth irons, weight was moved from the toe and placed in the sole of the iron. This movement has lowered the center of gravity considerably. With the lower center of gravity, golfers are finally able to reach peak height and carry distances with their clubs.

In addition, we found that the TaylorMade Stealth irons were able to stop on the greens exactly where we needed them to. These mid handicap irons have a better feel than we have seen from TaylorMade in the past.


  • Updated enclosed Cap Back design
  • Echo Damping
  • Continuation of the Thru Slot Speed Pocket
  • Low center of gravity
  • Very high ball speed


  • Expensive new release

Best Fairway Woods 2022: Cobra Golf Radspeed Fairway

The Cobra Golf Radspeed is the best fairway on the market in 2022. The great thing about these fairway woods is that they can be a replacement for long irons or even hybrids. There are several different loft options, and the club is extremely forgiving and useful from a variety of lies.

One of the great things about the Cobra Radspeed Fairway is that it is highly adjustable and has a very large sweet spot. The infinity edge technology has expanded the milled area to increase the ball speed. Essentially golfers can do nothing new to their golf game but see tremendous differences in distance and speed; that is something to be impressed with.


  • Radial weighting technology for increased performance and feel
  • CNC Milled infinity face
  • New carbon fiber material
  • Hollow split rails to get out of a variety of lies


  • Very large clubhead in the golf club is difficult to adjust to at first

Best Hybrids 2022: Callaway Apex Hybrid Clubs

The Callaway Apex Hybrids are the best overall hybrids that 2022 has to offer. These golf hybrids are the perfect replacement for a player that struggles with their golf irons. With the Apex hybrids, the Jailbreak AI Velocity blades have significantly increased the speed that players can get from the golf club. If you like the feel of forged irons but haven’t yet found that in a hybrid, the Callaway Apex is the place to look.

If your swing speed is not quite as high as you would like it to be, the Callaway Apex will help make a big difference. In addition, these come with adjustable hosel so that mid handicappers, low handicappers, and high handicap golfers can find the perfect fit for their needs.


  • Tungsten weights for improved ball flight
  • Workable design with excellent forged like feel
  • More distance than rogue style hybrids
  • Higher launching hybrid golf club


  • The workable hybrid club head doesn’t always offer as much forgiveness

Best Wedge 2022: Cleveland RTX Zipcore

The Cleveland RTX Zipcore is the best wedge for 2022. Cleveland has always made impressive irons with incredible feel and spin, but the new RTX Zipcore allows for an improved center of gravity. The lower center of gravity allows for higher MOI, better ball flight, and more control of the golf ball.

The Cleveland RTX Zipcore comes with three sole grind options and a choice of either a True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft or a graphite shaft for the slower swinging players. We love the versatility of this wedge and the fact that it can work for both high and low handicappers.


  • Improved spin across all lofts
  • Blends well into the iron set
  • Works for both high and low handicap golfers


  • Sand wedge won’t spin quite as much as a players blade wedge

Best Putter 2022: Odyssey Golf Ten Putter

The Odyssey Golf Ten Putter is the best overall golf putter on the market for 2022. Our favorite design is the Triple Track design. This is a large putter head design with three lines to allow for better alignment and an impressive overall feel.

The 2 Ball putter from Odyssey was one of the best putters they ever created, and the Odyssey Golf Ten Putter has taken this technology to the next level. Each of the Ten Putters has a micro hinge insert and the option for a Stroke Lab golf shaft.


  • Large mallet head design for better ball speed
  • Microhinge insert is forgiving but has a great feel
  • Incredible alignment technology


  • Not a favorite for arc style putting strokes

Buyers Guide: What To Look For In The Best Golf Clubs On The Market in 2022

Now that you have a basic idea of what the best golf clubs are on the market, it’s time to break down which one of these could be the best for you. The best golf irons, drivers, putters, and wedges all have some impressive technology, but they may not be built specifically to your needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your new golf clubs in 2022.


Believe it or not, the shaft is just as important as the club head that you choose. There are plenty of new golf shaft options on the market that you will need to pair with these new club releases for 2022. Steel shafts are better in golf irons for stronger and faster swinging players. Graphite shafts are best for golfers that need more ball speed and distance in their games.


Golf clubs typically come in a stiff, regular, or senior flex golf shaft. The best way to determine which club flex you need in your golf clubs is to test your swing speed. Which flex allowed you to have the most distance and accuracy with the golf ball. If you find the flex that works for you, you should be able to use it throughout your entire golf club set.


Golf manufacturers often create golf clubs in a series. This means that both low handicappers and high handicappers will have an option as part of the set. For higher handicap golfers, it makes sense to look for the oversized or offset versions of the golf club.

For the lower handicap players, the golf clubs with no offset and the thinner, more workable designs will be the best option. Golfers should purchase clubs based not just on their current handicap but on what their goals are as a golfer.

If you plan to take your game to a new level this year, consider getting a club that is slightly less forgiving than you would typically get. The club can almost help force you into becoming a lower handicap player; you will need to put the time in to improve.


New golf clubs are always more expensive than used or golf clubs that have been on the market for a few years. If you are looking to purchase new clubs in 2022, but you are on a budget, it may make sense to look at the 2021 and even the 2020 releases. Chances are these golf clubs are going to be significantly reduced in price, but you can still get some really impressive overall technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best golf clubs on the market can be really difficult. When there are so many great choices on the market, you really need to consider the decisions that you make. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that golfers have had about the best clubs on the market in 2022.

How do I know it’s time to upgrade my golf clubs?

Now that you have seen all of these great golf clubs for 2022, you may be wondering if your game is ready for the upgrade. If you have not upgraded your golf irons in more than five years, it is absolutely time for an upgrade. Most golf clubs will be a bit outdated in technology when they are five or more years old.

A putter can last a long time, and certain blade style irons may last for seven or more years. However, staying up to day with current technology can help you shoot lower scores.

What is the best month to buy golf clubs?

It is excellent to purchase golf clubs in the winter months. You can get great sales on the previous years models, and the newer models are going to be available for you to compare against. If you find that the newer models are a better fit for your game, you go with those and spend the extra money. For those that want to save money having stock in the previous year is important, and that will start to dwindle after the winter months.

What golf clubs hold their value?

Golf clubs are a little similar to cars in the fact that they will not hold their value all that long. A blade iron and a putter will hold their value and certain brands like Ping and even Titleist also tend to hold their value, but most of the time, golf clubs lose their value after just a few years.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now feel ready to pick some of the best golf clubs on the market in 2022. Whether you are looking for game improvement irons, a new wedge, or a new putter, this list gives you a great starting point and the ability to upgrade the technology that you have in your game. Overall the best golf clubs on the market will help golfers get more clubhead speed, better feel, and more forgiveness, which most golfers will love to have.

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