Best Golf Iron Covers in 2022

Golf irons are not cheap. When you purchase a new set of golf irons, especially something that is forged or a clean blade-style club, it can almost hurt when the golf club head starts getting scratched and damaged. When riding in a golf cart, it is highly likely that your golf irons will undergo some type of damage.

The best way around this is to use iron covers. Many golfers find golf iron headcovers to be a bit cumbersome and take up time, but some of the newest releases to the iron headcovers market make it really easy to protect your clubs and still enjoy your golf game.

Our list of the BEST Golf Iron Covers

Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set Headcover

The Craftsman Golf 12 piece head covers are the best overall golf iron headcovers on the market. This is a 12 piece set that comes with everything from the 3 iron down to the lob wedge. With the Craftsman Golf headcovers, you will have a velcro connection to ensure that they stay in place and nothing falls out or into your golf bag.

The Craftsman Golf Headcovers are waterproof, and they are oversized. This means they will fit even a large player improvement type club head. Golfers find that the waterproof technology has also helped decrease the chance of rusting through the years.


  • High-quality PU Leather
  • Waterproof materials
  • Will not fall off and into the golf bag
  • It fits almost all golf iron designs


  • Color selection is a bit limited compared to others on the market

Sword & Shield sports 10Pcs/Pack New Meshy Golf Iron Covers Set Golf Club Head Cover Fit Most Irons

Sword and Shield is a company that also makes iron covers to protect a variety of club head styles. The Sword and Shield covers are a great iron cover for those that want to have a color on the iron covers. These golf covers are affordable, and Sword and Shield’s sports is known for the longevity in the products.

These golf iron covers are made with a meshy material that is easy to clean and will hold up well over time. We like this option when you are trying to match your iron club head covers to your golf bag.


  • It will fit all brands
  • Large selection of colors to choose from
  • Meshy material is easy to get on and off the club
  • Hold up well over time


  • Sword Sheild sports covers are not as well known as Crafstman

Craftsman Golf US Flag Neoprene Golf Club Head Cover Wedge Iron Protective Headcover

The Craftsman Golf US Flag Neoprene Golf Club Headcover is an excellent option for patriotic golfers. This ten-piece set comes with everything from the 4 iron down to the lob wedge. It even has the AW in place for the golfers that have a gap wedge in their bag.

The Craftsman Golf US Flag Neoprene Golf Club headcovers are machine washable, and they will work with the majority of golf iron options on the market. The only downside to these Craftsman headcovers is that they are white and will get dirty easily on dusty golf courses.


  • Fair value for a 10 piece set with a design
  • It will fit most club brands
  • Unique pattern and design


  • Can get dirty easily

Andux Number Print Golf Iron Club Head Covers Long Neck with Zipper 12pcs/Set

Some golfers like a zipper-type design for their golf iron covers. These zipper designs will help ensure that your headcovers stay in place the entire time you are on the golf course. Some players feel like the zipper models are a lot less difficult to lose, and they do an excellent job of keeping the entire club head and part of the shaft protected.

This is a set that comes with twelve headcovers. Even if you don’t carry all of these golf clubs in your bag, it is still affordable to purchase these golf club head covers. The set includes enough for a 3 iron down to the lob wedge.


  • Extensive set of golf iron covers
  • Easy to use zipper technology
  • Black and white design is good looking


  • Zipper design can slow down play for some golfers

Scott Edward 10 Pcs Golf Club Head Covers for Irons

The Scott Edward ten piece golf club head covers are a knit design that is hand made with a soft material. The Scott Edward club head covers work well for the golfer that wants to easily slide their golf head covers on and off the head of the club.

The soft material is easy to work with, and it will fit both hybrid irons and blade irons. If you are a senior with a set of hybrid irons, these golf head covers fit the hybrid clubs as well. With the hand made quality of the Scott Edward design, expect these to last for quite some time.


  • Easy to keep clubs clean and without damage
  • Unique sock shaping
  • High quality double knit


  • It can start to unravel after time, forcing a replacement
  • Not great in the rain

Buyers Guide: What To Look For In The Best Golf Iron Covers

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf iron covers on the market, it’s time to determine which one is the best for you. Here are a few of the most essential features to look at when considering which golf iron headcovers are best for your golf game.


Iron golf club covers should not be overly expensive. With all of the other golf accessories that you need to purchase, don’t let these break the bank. As crucial as golf club headcovers are, even some of the cheaper sets will do a good job of offering some protection. The idea here is to create a barrier around the club that protects it from other clubs in the bag.

Number of Covers

Purchasing golf iron covers means that you will want to ensure you have coverage for all of the club heads in your bag. The golf iron cover set typically starts around the 4 iron and continues down to the pitching wedge. Some sets will continue to the sand wedge, and others will have no numbers on the club, so you can just match them up to the clubs you have.


Some golf iron covers are leather iron covers; some are polyester, and other times, you will find a knit iron cover. All of these golf iron covers are helpful, but you have to find something that will hold up to the amount of golf you play and the material that will be best suited in the long run.

Functionality and Design

Some iron covers will have a zipper to help ensure they stay on. Others may have some elastic, and some just slide on and off like a sock. Think about why it is that you want iron covers and what you can do to ensure that your golf iron cover set adequately protects your golf head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are most commonly asked about golf iron covers. Adding these to your golf bag can really help give you peace of mind about the condition and maintenance of your golf irons.

Golf irons covers are recommended for golfers that often have their clubs on a golf cart. When the clubs are on a golf cart, and if you don’t have a golf cart bag that keeps the irons from banging into each other, the golf iron covers can help.

These covers can decrease the overall chance that damage will be done to the golf iron face and even the back of the head. Often, golfers will use the golf irons covers when they travel, which can also be another good option to protect clubs when on the road.

Which golf clubs should have covers?

The most important golf clubs in your bag to protect are the driver and the putter. The driver’s face is typically titanium, and it can be easily damaged by another club hitting it or something falling on it as you take your clubs in and out of your car.

If you have covers, the next best thing to cover is the fairway woods and hybrids. This is again because of the material these clubs are made of and the chance of them getting hit with another club. Irons are not always necessary to cover for some players, but with these new premium sets on the market, the iron covers can help to prolong the set of clubs for years to come.

Are golf iron covers worth it?

Golf iron covers are worth it for the golfer that needs extra protection on their clubs. If your golf bag is not set up to keep clubs protected and from hitting each other, then you will want to purchase some iron covers. The iron covers will take some time to get used to, but they can help to ensure that you see no difference in performance from your irons as they age.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now feel confident that you can choose a set of golf iron covers with full confidence. The options on the market are relatively simple, but you must be sure that you get a set of iron covers that will accommodate your golf clubs. Some golf clubs are a little larger or more unique, and the club head covers will not always fit. As you can see from our list of the best golf iron covers, we highly recommend the Craftsman brand, and they have some impressive technology offered at a fair price.

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