Best Illegal Golf Drivers in 2022

The game of golf is plenty challenging using a gold driver that is USGA legal. Even with all of the latest improvements in technology, it can be hard to keep a ball straight and have the launch perfect. However, there are options on the market that can make the game even more, user friendly.

Players looking for the best illegal drivers on the market are in the right place. Golfers that want a bit of extra distance, forgiveness, or slice correcting can turn to an illegal golf driver and see how it can help. An illegal driver cannot be used during tournament play, but any golfer can use it during a friendly match.

Our list of the BEST Illegal Golf Drivers

Best Cheap Illegal Golf Driver: Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

The great thing about some of the illegal drivers on the market is that they are lower in price than the conforming golf driver. Non conforming drivers do not need to go through the same type of research and development that a conforming golf driver does, and it helps keep the overall cost down quite a bit.

With the Intech Golf Illegal Non Conforming driver, you can hit the golf ball considerably further and even get some excellent ball flight.

Illegal golf drivers typically have a reason that they are considered illegal; with the Intech Golf Driver that reason is distance. This golf club will allow slower swing speeds to take advantage of a massive sweet spot and get an incredibly high MOI coming from the club face.


  • Larger than the normal club head
  • One of the best illegal golf drivers for speed
  • Lightweight golf shaft for slower swinging players
  • Very fair pricing


  • Sound is a bit loud for some players

Best For Tall Golfer: Big Tall Juggernaut Driver Extra Long XL XXL Golf Club 515cc Drivers All Black USGA Illegal

The Power Play Juggernaut Driver is one of a series of clubs that are built for golfers looking to take advantage of the best illegal golf drivers on the market. The size of this club head is 515cc, and the current USGA legal limit is 460cc.

With this much extra inertia behind the club head, players can hit the golf ball considerably further. Non conforming golf drivers often have longer than standard length shafts, which is absolutely an option with the Power Play Juggernaut Driver. This club even comes in a 48 inch option.

The face angle on the driver is one degree closed to help straighten golf shots out and promote a slightly lower spin rate.


  • Very impressive distance
  • LIghtweight driver head despite the size
  • It comes in a longer shaft option


  • Take a bit of time to get used to the size of the club head

Best Illegal Large Golf Driver ClubHead: Non-Conforming Illegal Custom Golf Driver -Extreme Distance Extra Long 750cc Huge Banned

As we have mentioned, the current USGA limit for a golf driver to be conforming is 460cc. If your golf driver is any larger than that, it is illegal. It seems as though these regulations will stay in place for some time, as the USGA really tries to protect the traditions of the game.

However, if you don’t play in tournaments, you can take advantage of a large 750cc club head on this driver. Be prepared to look down at a driver that is almost twice the size of something you are accustomed to looking at, yet the club has some impressive capability.

The new Beta TiFace helps players feel as though they can get an impressive launch as well. In addition, there are several different shaft and grip options to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your best illegal golf driver.


  • Very easy to get distance
  • Large sweet spot on a 750cc club head
  • One of the largest illegal golf drivers


  • Large club head takes some time to get used to

Best For Fixing A Slice: #1 Offset Slice Killer Anti-Slice Draw PGA Distance Anti-Slice Golf Driver 

The non conforming driver for fixing a slice is the Offset Slice Killer Anti Slice. The idea behind this club head is that it is so offset that even if you swing through with a slightly open clubface, you will still be able to get good distance from the club. Overall, golfers are impressive with the power and distance they can get with this club.

One of our favorite things about this driver is that it is still only 460cc. With a club head that is standard size, you may eventually learn how to straighten out your own slice. When this happens, you may be able to put the illegal driver away and get something that is USGA conforming.

Overall, hitting with this higher performing club is like hitting a golf ball with a trampoline. Expect to notice an instance distance and a golf shot that can travel considerably straighter.


  • Very easy to straighten out the slice
  • Large offset
  • 460 cc club head
  • Can transition back to conforming golf driver with ease


  • Can overcorrect golf shots for those that don’t slice

Best Illegal Golf Driver For Distance: #1 PGA Non-Conforming Oversize 550cc Smasher Illegal Distance Banned Alloy Huge Golf Driver

If the distance is the main reason you are looking for an illegal driver that you will want to consider the Smasher Distance golf driver. The club head is a 550 cc model that is designed specifically for distance. Although you will find that the driver can be forgiving, the distance is what sets things apart.

The extremely large sweet spot on the face of the club also ensures that the distance you get is going to be easier to find. If you miss the center of the face, expect that the ball will still travel a very long way. You can also pick your shaft length and golf grip options when purchasing this club.

Anytime a golf driver is given the name Smasher, expect to be overly impressed with its capabilities.


  • One of the larger illegal golf drivers
  • Very hot club face
  • Shaft options to choose from


  • Feel is not as good as some other options on the market

Buyer Guide

Now that you have a better understanding as to which golf drivers are illegal and what makes them so great, here are a few things to understand before you purchase them. Purchasing an illegal driver is a bit different as it will require you to understand a bit more about golf technology.

Driver Heads Size

Most of the non conforming golf drivers on the market are going to be greater than 460cc. Currently, the 460cc limit on golf driver heads is one of the most restricting rules from the USGA. Illegal golf driver manufacturers know that golfers out there will never play in a tournament and just want to hit the ball a long way; these golf driver heads are perfect for that player.

Swing Speed

Most of the time, the illegal golf drivers will have a lightweight shaft. However, sometimes with the larger club head and a slightly longer shaft to help promote distance, the overall golf club could be a little heavy. For those with slower swing speeds like many senior golfers, look for a very lightweight shaft and a club designed more for your player category.


The pricing of non comforting golf driver is lower than regular drivers. This is simply because the club does not go through as much research and development. In addition, many of the materials used in the club are not as premium as they are in the conforming drivers. This is simply because there are no restrictions on the way the club is produced.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you now feel as though you can choose a great illegal golf driver for your needs. Sometimes adding a non conforming golf driver to your bag can help ensure that you are ready for any situation that comes up on the golf course. Here are a few f the questions that we are most commonly asked about illegal golf drivers.

What Makes A Golf Driver Illegal?

Golf drivers are illegal when they fall outside of the recommendations from the USGA. The USGA will deem a driver to be illegal if the ball goes too far, too high, has too much forgiveness, or even has spin rates that are too low.

Are Illegal Golf Drivers Worth It?

If you don’t play in golf tournaments or events and just want to enjoy some time out on the golf course,  the illegal golf driver could do the trick. Don’t let the golf club you are hitting off the tee discourage you; if you play the game for fun, choose technology that works for your specific needs as a player.

Are PGX Drivers Legal?

The great thing about PGX drivers is that they make both illegal and conforming golf drivers. This means you can learn to play with something illegal, get the hang of it down and then switch to a legal golf club so you can play in tournaments and events. PGX golf clubs are some of the most affordable on the market, and they bring quite a bit of luck to a lot of players.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are ready to pick out the best illegal golf driver for your game. Of course, you will want to be sure that you take the time to choose one that will help you become a better player. In the end, this technology is relatively inexpensive for the distance and forgiveness it can create. Giving a non conforming golf driver a try may help you see a different side of the game and your capabilities on the course.

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