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The putter is the most important golf club in the bag. Without a great putter, you will lose confidence and consistency in your putting game. However, choosing the perfect putter can be quite difficult. We have all gone through our fair share of putters through the years, only to find that some last in the bag for a few rounds. 

However, when you find a great putter head, it’s worth keeping it in your bag for years to come. If this is your year to upgrade your putter, you are in luck. Some of the new releases on the market feature more technology than we have ever seen in a golf putter. Let’s take a look at which one would be best for your game.

Our list of the BEST Golf Putters:

Best Overall Putter: Odyssey Golf Ten Putter Two Ball Triple Track

If you think that golf putter heads are getting a bit too large, then you may want to skim past our top pick. The best putter this year is the Odyssey Golf Ten Two Ball Triple Track putter. This is a mallet putter with an enormous club head, allowing you to align and strike your golf ball carefully.

You will see an impressive focus on feel and sound in the entire new line of the White Hot OG putters and the Ten Putters from Odyssey. After all, so much about putting comes down to the overall feel of the putter.

The Two Ball putter was one of the best selling putters the game has ever seen. As time has passed, this putter is still loved by many golfers. If you have a Two Ball putter and want to see what the new face technology is like, this is a great option to consider. With a unique head shape, face balanced putter head, stroke lab shaft technology, and plenty of forgiveness, it’s hard to go wrong with the new Two Ball Triple Track.


  • Long alignment line
  • Brand new putter on the market
  • Large sweet spot
  • 2 Ball technology is known for increasing consistency
  • Soft feel
  • PVD finish


  • The putter head is quite large and takes some time to adjust to

Best Mallet Putter: TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter #7, Single Bend

The TaylorMade Spider golf putters have stood out as some of the best on the market for several years. If you like to watch PGA Tour golf, chances are you will see quite a few TaylorMade Spider putters in the rotation. Although the Spider has not quite reached the same level of recognition as Scotty Cameron, it is well on its way.

The new Spider FCG putter features the new CU29 Copper Pure Roll insert. The concept with this insert is to have a solid and firm feel but a pure roll. When you strike a golf ball with a putter, you will want the ball to leave with quite a bit of speed so that it stays on its line. The Spider FCG is one of the best putters for golfers that are looking for consistency and a great feel at impact.

In addition, the Spider FCG has a new True Path T Sightline that allows golfers to easily line up their putters and get them pointed towards the hole. Even if you have a great putting stroke, the overall result will be missing the hole if you are lined up incorrectly. The TaylorMade Spider FCG is, without a doubt, a premium mallet putter, but it is one worth investing in.


  • Adjustable sole weight
  • Mid toe hand design
  • New True path alignment system
  • The pure roll face insert
  • High MOI
  • Very stable at impact


  • One of the more expensive putters on the market

Best Blade Putter: Odyssey Works #1 Putters

For many years the blade putter was the clear leader in the market. However, as time has gone on, the mallet putters have really taken over. Luckily for those golfers looking for blade putters, the Odyssey Works #1 is still available, and it offers very traditional performance.

Blade putters are known for being better on faster greens and being extremely consistent in shorter golf putts. If you struggle with those three and four foot putts, something like the Odyssey Works #1 can change the way you feel about the game.

The all black putter head and Microhinge Face Insert give golfers one of the better looking and feeling putters on the market. In addition to the #1 style, the 1 wide is also one of the best putters for golfers who like the mallet style.


  • Clean and classic looking blade style
  • All black club head for reduced glare
  • Microhinge insert for better distance control
  • Fair pricing considering the technology offered


  • It does not have the same technology as the new Odyssey White Hot OG

Best Cheap Putter: Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter Bucktown

Like all other golf clubs on the market, putters are getting more and more expensive. A great golf putter used to cost less than $100. Today the putters can be $500 or more. One of the best golf putters for the money is the Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Bucktown putter. The putter comes with quite a bit of the same technology that you see in premium golf putters.

One of the first things that stand out in the Wilson Staff Infinite is the double milled face. With a double-milled face, the impact position and strike of the ball will be much more impressive. With a great putter, you won’t want the ball to skid or hop coming off the face, and the double milling helps prevent this.

With the dark anti-glare finish, the Wilson Bucktown is also one of the better-looking golf putters on the market.


  • Reduced glare
  • Counterbalanced putter technology
  • Double face milling for a better feel
  • Modern mallet putter design
  • Easy alignment


  • It does not have the same pure feel as other more expensive putters on the market


Best Putter For Women: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 VLine Ladies Putter 33 

Women’s golf putters are typically shorter and colored differently than men’s golf putters. Most of the time, a standard women’s golf putter is going to be 33 inches. This seems to be the best height for women golfers to get their eyes over the golf ball and be able to produce a consistent stroke.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro VLine for ladies is not just a great option for feel and distance control but also alignment. The way these mallet putters give players such a clear sightline to the hole is something that really makes them stand out.

As with most Odyssey golf putters, the White Hot Pro 2.0 V Line features impressive face insert technology. This helps women golfers to develop a better feel in their putting stroke. When you can accurately pinpoint how the ball will respond coming off the face, it is easy to repeat your putting stroke.


  • White hot insert for great sound and feel from the putter head
  • Sleek looking putter
  • Easy alignment
  • Great price for a high quality putter
  • Lots of stability at impact


  • It does not feature the new stroke lab shaft

Buyers Guide

Now that you have our picks for the top putters on the market, it’s a matter of making sure that you get the club best suited to your needs as a player. It is essential to understand the features to look for in a great golf putter to do this.

Mallet Putter or Blade

Mallet style putters have a larger club head, more forgiveness, and typically are a bit easier to get lined up to your target line. Blade style putters are more suited towards the lower handicap player; they have a smaller hitting area but are very consistent and solid, especially on shorter ones.

Putter Length

Finding the proper putting length is perhaps the most important fitting aspect of a great putter. If you are not playing with the proper length putter, you will have difficulty getting your eyes over the ball, and the performance will suffer. Ensuring that your putter is matched to your height will certainly make alignment and a pure stroke quite a bit easier.


Many golfers like a larger grip on their putters. The larger grip takes some of the wrist action out of the putting stroke. If you can eliminate this wrist action, your putts will likely get much more consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the putter being the most important club in the bag, choosing the right one the first time around is essential. Here are some questions that we are often asked about the best putters of 2021.

Who Makes The Best Putters?

Most golfers would agree that Scotty Cameron, Ping, and Odyssey make the best golf putters on the market. These companies do such a good job with alignment, forgiveness, sound, feel, and consistency. With the new stainless steel/graphite shaft combinations from Odyssey, the features only seem to expand and grow each year. If a TaylorMade Spider X or a Scotty Cameron are too expensive, don’t worry that your putting stroke will suffer, you can learn to adjust.

Is It Better To Have A Putter With A Firmer Feel or A Soft Feel?

Firm feel vs. soft feel in a putter is more of a preference. If you lay on faster greens, the soft feel may help you control what you are doing on the shorter putts. Firm feel, however, helps the golf ball to start on a more pure roll towards the hole.

Should Beginners Use Blade Putters?

Beginner golfers can use both mallet and blade putters. However, the features of a mallet putter tend to appeal to the higher handicapper and beginner. The putters have more forgiveness, a larger hitting area, and a soft feel for the most part. Finding a blade putter when you are in the lower handicap range will likely be a better decision.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel a bit more confident in your ability to choose a great golf putter. With all the options on the market, it can be difficult to narrow things down. As you can see from our list of great putters, the Odyssey Ten Putter stands out among the best. As perhaps the most recognized putter brand in the world of golf, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the putters they offer. The Odyssey Golf Ten Putter ball design stands out as the best new release, and it has made many players realize their putting performance can be considerably better. Overall, find a putter that works for your budget, your golf game, and your goals.

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