How Coolibar Has Become One Of The Most Innovative Golf Clothing Companies

Coolibar sun protective clothing has been around for many years; however, only recently have they made a significant push to help the work of golf. When you are out on the golf course for five or more hours, sun protection should be at the forefront of your mind. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, yet it is preventable and highly treatable. We decided to take a deeper look into how Coolibar has become the leader in golf sun protective clothing and what types of products they have that are helping golfers reduce sun exposure.

Newly Released Line of David Leadbetter Clothing

With more and more golfers looking to be the world leader in UPF for clothing to wear on the course, Coolibar finally decided to partner with one of the most well-known advocates for golf sun protection. The newly released David Leadbetter collection from Coolibar is made with the golfer in mind. All pieces will have UV Protection, they come in a variety of colors, and there are options for both men and women.

Many golfers forget that even though they have sunscreen on, their clothing is not doing much when it comes to skin cancer prevention. Typical golf clothing lets harmful UV rays hit our body, and increased exposure can result in a skin cancer diagnosis.

The great thing about the new David Leadbetter collection is that this is elegant sun protective clothing that will help you look fashionable while also offering protection. In addition, many of the Coolibar UPF 50 Fabric technology options also have cooling technology to keep you more comfortable on the course. Avid golfers and beginners will find that this clothing checks all the boxes.

Who Is David Leadbetter?

David Leadbetter is one of the most well known instructions of the golf game. He has taught some of the most famous players in golf and has helped those that are just beginners to those that are ready to take their handicap from 20 to 1 in a year. Leadbetter has been playing golf since a young age and was always concerned about UVB rays.

After his father had cancer, Leadbetter started to push that players wear hats and accessories that help decrease their exposure. For many years Leadbetter was relatively easy to pick out on the driving range. He would always have large sun hats and sun sleeves on to keep himself protected.

Now Leadbetter pushes the idea of technical and elegant sun protective clothing through his new collaboration with Coolibar.

Coolibar Products Specifically for Golfers

The new line of Coolibar products specifically for golfers includes options for clothing, hats, and accessories, as well as men’s and women’s golf clothing. It’s important to remember that when it comes to golf clothing, the fit and functionality of the clothing is just as important as the sun protection. Unlike rash guards and bathing suits that Coolibar makes, the golf clothing needs to allow for a range of motion and meet the needs of a dress codes at golf courses around the world.


The men’s collection from David Leadbetter features clothing that is all UPF 50 fabric technology. This means that you can truly be protected from head to toe. Some of the options that stood out were the hats, as well as the shorts. So many golfers forget to wear shorts with sun protection, and it can really help with exposure long term.

Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler

The men’s Eagle Golf Gambler is a hand woven sun hat with the David Leadbetter logo. This hat features the CoolMax knit lining to help ensure you don’t get too hot while on the golf course. The hat itself is UPF 50+ like all of the products in this line.

You will be able to comfortably wear the Gambler both on and off the golf course. We also found that it stayed in position on our head without any trouble. The look created when wearing the Gambler is one of class, but at the same time, you get sun protection and reduce glare on your golf ball.

Men’s Long Sleeve Polo

The Long Sleeve Polo from the Coolibar Men’s Collection comes in three different colors, has antimicrobial protection, and is made of a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. The Active Athlon fabric ensures you stay cool and dry, even while wearing a long sleeve golf shirt.

The three button placed and a straight hem with side vents ensure that you will meet all golf course dress codes while still allowing plenty of mobility as you swing. If you are new to golf sun protective clothing, this would be where we would recommend starting.


The women’s line from the David Leadbetter Collection features a pullover, a polo, shorts, and pants. As time goes on, we expect to see this line increase as the leader in UPF 50 continues to grow in the golf industry. The women’s Fitness Pullover was our favorite piece in this collection.

Women’s Fitness Pullover

The women’s fitness pullover features antimicrobial protection and a stand up collar. This has a quarter zip neckline that works well when you have a shirt underneath that you would like to show off. There are a few color options with the fitness pullover that remain exclusive to this David Leadbetter collection.

Golfers will love that there is a raised line at the center back that will help players ensure they have proper spine alignment. This is what we mean when we say this line of golf clothing was developed specifically with the golfer in mind.

This fitness pullover has an athletic fit, and it can be used for other things like running or a walk before your round. We like the bright colors and easy visibility for those that need it.


The accessories in the David Leadbetter line from Coolibar include hats and a gaiter. We would not be surprised to see sun sleeves added to this collection at some point. Coolibar sells sun sleeves that many golfers will take advantage of, but the addition to this line would be perfect.

How To Prepare Yourself For A Round of Golf in the Sun

Now that you can see why Coolibar has made such a splash in this industry with the clothing they are bringing to the market, it’s time to make sure you are properly protecting yourself from the harsh rays that the sun will bring to you on the golf course. Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep yourself protected from skin cancer for as long as you possibly can.

Sun Protective Clothing

The sun protective clothing is often the most overlooked preventative measure for skin cancer. So many players are worried about their exposed skin, and they forget to take care of the areas that are not technically exposed.

Cotton clothing does not have the sun protection that players need to keep themselves safe. If you are serious about looking to protect yourself on the course, you must start to include some protection in your clothing.

In addition, for those that don’t like to wear sunscreen, sun protective clothing can be the perfect solution to consider.


Sunscreen can be a bit of a controversial subject. However, for those that are concerned about the long term effects of sunscreen, there are natural sun screen options and organic sunscreens that can be considered. It’s important to talk to your doctor about what they think would be the best form of sun protection for your needs.

The great thing about sun protective clothing is that there are no concerns about allergic reactions or long term impacts of sunscreen. Simply put on your shirt and know that you are protected.

Umbrella For Your Golf Bag

For those that like to walk the golf course, having an umbrella for your golf bag is an excellent solution. The umbrella can help to create shade the entire time that you are on the golf course. As you walk along side your bag, you will be protected from the sun. Some of these umbrellas also have UV protection which makes them all that much more effective at keeping the sun away from your face.

Many golf push carts will have an attachment for an umbrella that is already built in. For those that do not have the attachment, an accessory can usually be added.

Stay Hydrated

It is also very important to stay hydrated while you are on the golf course. If you are trying to protect yourself from the sun, it is essential to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a major issue when golfing and can have severe consequences. Stay hydrated, and you will have a greater chance of protecting yourself.

Golfers that play once or twice a year may not take sun protection that seriously. However, with the addictive nature of this game, it makes sense to pay close attention to what you are wearing and how you are behaving on the course.

Conclusion: All Golfers Should Be Considering Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing and Hats

Hopefully, you have enjoyed learning more about the new David Leadbetter line and the Coolibar company. This product line is brand new, and we fully expect it to expand as golfers learn more about their safety while on the golf course. Even if you don’t choose the David Leadbetter Collection, making sure that you have sun protective clothing, hats and accessories will help significantly reduce the chance of skin cancer. It’s also really important to bring these ideas and concepts up to children and young adults learning to play golf. 

Brittany Olizarowicz

Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf for more than 25 years. After a successful college golf career, Britt became a PGA member, membership director, and teaching professional. Her love for the game led her to a career of teaching golf and writing about the sport. Britt has two young children who have taken a liking to the sport, and they can all be found on the golf course several days a week.