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Playing golf in the rain is not for everyone. In fact, some golfers will head for the clubhouse as soon as there is a drop of rain. However, if you are one of those tough ones that want to wait it out on the course, it is all about having the proper gear in your bag. If you have the best rain gear on the market, you can extend your time on the course and get to enjoy your round of golf, despite the weather. Here is the best golf rain gear that you can buy.

Our list of the BEST Golf Rain Gear

Best Golf Rain Jacket For Men: Adidas Men’s Provisional Rain Jacket

The Adidas Men’s Provisional Rain Jacket is a waterproof jacket that is also wind resistant. We love that this option is a half zip that is easy to get on and off, and the zipper won’t be in your way when you swing. 

In addition, there are pockets in the front that zip and are 100% waterproof. The jacket is a short sleeve option, so it won’t keep you warm, but it provides great waterproof protection for a summer round.


  • Versatile golf rain gear
  • Will not restrict the swing in any way
  • A regular fit will not restrict golf swing


  • Sleeves that detach would be a nice addition

Best Golf Rain Jacket For Women: Callaway Women’s Waterproof Tonal Panel Jacket

Callaway makes various great products for women golfers, including rain jackets, golf shoes, and even golf equipment. The Callaway Waterproof Tonal Panel Jacket comes with a waterproof and windproof stretch fabric. 

You will stay completely dry and covered up in this jacket. In addition, the adjustable cuffs and hemline with drawcord allow you to get the jacket to feel as though it is a custom fit. 

Overall this is a jacket that will keep you dry, comfortable, and able to swing the golf club even in the worst rainstorm.


  • Great looking golf jacket
  • It can be worn on and off the golf course
  • The full zip is easy to get on


  • It can be a bit heavy to wear in the summer months

Best Golf Rain Gloves: FootJoy Rain Grip Golf Gloves

If you have never owned a pair of rain gloves, it is well worth having them in your golf bag. The interesting thing about golf rain gloves is that the wetter they get, the better they work. 

As it starts to rain, your hands will have an even better connection to the golf club. 

The features of a golf rain glove will keep your hands dry, but the performance really stands out when it comes to the connection with the club. These FootJoy Golf rain gloves are sold in a two-pack as this helpful technology is meant to be worn on both hands.


  • Fully waterproof will keep your hands dry
  • Improves connection with the golf club during a storm
  • A tremendous resource for the price


  • Gloves do not have much breathability

Best Golf Rain Hat: Zero Restriction Waterproof Golf Hat

When playing golf in the rain, not only do you want to keep your head from getting wet, it is also nice to have the water funnel away from your face. 

With a golf bucket hat like the Zero Restriction Men’s Gore-Tex Bucket Hat, your head will stay dry, and the water will flow away from your shirt and your golf grip at address. 

These hats dry quickly, are made of polyester material, and come in a size that will fit any player. Zero Restriction makes tour-quality products that come with a waterproof guarantee.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Seam taped so no water can come through
  • Overall lightweight feel
  • Wide brim to keep the rain away


  • Must be hand washed
  • Not as breathable as a cap style rain hat

Best Golf Rain Pants: Ogio All Elements Golf Rain Pants

For those powerful rainstorms, it can make sense to have a complete golf rain suit to wear. As long as you have a good rain jacket, you can pair it with almost any type of rain pants to keep the water away. 

We really like the Ogio All Elements Golf Rain Pants as they bring some great protection for all weather conditions. Whether you are looking to keep the water away or more concerned with the wind, the Ogio is a great choice. 

The three-layer fabric works to provide quite a bit of useability and performance. Ogio can be compared to companies like Sun Mountain and Zero Restriction regarding quality and overall performance.


  • Several layers of waterproof protection
  • Three-way stretch fabric for better mobility
  • Small enough to be folded and kept in a regular golf bag
  • Fair price for the quality of the protection


  • Not the most well-known rain gear on the market

Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better idea of which golf rain gear is necessary to improve your game, you will want to narrow down how to choose which is best for your style of play. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing the best golf rain gear.

Waterproof Technology

There is a difference between being 100% waterproof and being water-resistant. You will want to choose lightweight, windproof clothing that has full waterproof protection. This is the only way to ensure that you stay completely dry on the course.

Everything Covered

When setting up for golf in bad weather, you will want to ensure that you have hats, shoes, gloves, and jackets, and gear to keep yourself protected. Everything should be made with waterproof material to ensure that you are protected from all areas. For great waterproof golf shoes, look into the Footjoy Dryjoys and even some of the Under Armour golf shoes on the market.


For many years Sun Mountain and Zero Restriction were considered the only leaders when it came to rain gear. These brands have always sold products that come with at least a one-year waterproof guarantee. As time has gone on, companies like Callaway, Galvin Green, Frog Toggs, Footjoy, and more have created some of the best golf rain gear on the market. Ensure that you choose a brand with a good reputation so that the material will hold up to continual play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that are worth considering before you purchase your next golf rain gear piece.

Is Rain Gear Worth It?

For avid golfers, rain gear is well worth the money. Sometimes a rainstorm is only going to last a few minutes. It is not worth getting off the course and ruining your day simply because of a small passing shower. Instead, take the rain gear out, play in the rain for a few minutes and then start to shed the rain gear.

Are Golf Rain Gloves Worn On Both Hands?

To provide adequate protection against throwing the club, it is a good idea to wear golf rain gloves on both hands. Golf grips get incredibly slippery, and if your hands are wet, you risk losing the club during your swing.

Should I Keep Rain Gear In My Golf Bag?

Most golf bags come with a pocket to store rain gear. Weather can be a bit unpredictable, and having the gear in your bag to pull out at any time will help ensure you can still play a great round. There is nothing worse than having the round of your life and the skies open up. Keep your head in the game by pulling out some of the best rain gear in the market and putting it to good use.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have learned quite a bit about golf rain gear and all of the necessary pieces you need to be prepared for a day out on the course. Golf rain gear is made with material that will repel water and keep you comfortable throughout your round. The Adidas Provisional rain jacket and the FootJoy Rain gloves are two recommendations that all golfers should highly consider using in their game. The investment into some great rain gear is well worth the price that you will pay.

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