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It’s tough to play a round of golf without a golf bag. Golf bags are your home base while you play your round. You can keep yourself organized and remain prepared for any situation that could come up on the course. Finding the right golf bag can be challenging. There are many different types of golf bags on the market, and they all have their unique benefits and advantages. We have put together a list of our favorite golf bags across several different categories. Regardless of your budget, there should be an option on this list that will work for you. 

Our list of the BEST Golf Bags

Best Overall: Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand Bag

The Callaway Golf Fairway Stand Bag is our top pick for an impressive and high-quality bag. We love that you can use this bag to walk the course, or you can throw it on a cart with ease. 

The bag has a 14 way top with full length dividers. The benefit here is that between the dividers and the strong and durable stand, your clubs will remain well protected the entire time they are in your golf bag. 

When it comes to organization, the Callaway Golf Fairway Stand Bag features a cell phone sleeve, nine pockets, and an insulated water bottle pocket. If you want to be comfortable and have all your gear in place on the course, this is a bag that will do it. 


  • Has room for 14 clubs 
  • Lots of pockets to keep you organized
  • Available in many different color choices


  • Lighter colors tend to get dirty quite easily 

Best Cart Bag: Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain makes some of the most impressive golf bags on the market. Although you will have a hard time finding a Sun Mountain bag at a low price, the Sun Mountain C-130 is the perfect cart bag. The 14 individual full-length dividers do a great job of keeping your clubs protected. 

We love the ten different pockets on this bag, and how many of them are forward-facing pockets. This means that while your bag is strapped to the cart, you will still have access to all of your gear. No need to twist and turn to try and find your golf ball or tee. 

The Smart Strap system will help to attach a golf bag to a riding cart in a very secure way. You won’t have to worry about the bag twisting and turning and moving from its position. 


  • The smart strap system keeps the golf bag in place
  • Ten pockets 
  • It comes with a matching rain hood
  • Long lasting and durable golf bag


  • Sun Mountain bags are always priced a bit high 

Best Golf Bag For Walking: Ping Hoofer Stand Lightweight 

Walking the golf course has so many great health benefits. However, if you are not adequately equipped with a lightweight and easy to carry golf bag, you can imagine that walking the course gets quite a bit more complicated. 

The Ping Hoofer Stand Lightweight golf bag only weighs 5 pounds. This is relatively light and will be much easier to carry around than some of the heavy cart bags that end up on our list. To save weight, you will notice the top of this bag is just a four way top, and there are only seven pockets overall. 

As you can imagine, this seems to be more than enough for the golfers focused on walking around the course. With added areas for storage and the comfort of this carrying strap this is the perfect carry bag from Ping and one that many college golfers are using when they play. 


  • Very easy to carry 
  • Available in a few different designs
  • Durable stand bag 
  • Only weighs 5 pounds


  • It won’t hold a ton of extra gear, including oversized jackets, etc. 

Best Sunday Bag: Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag

A Sunday golf bag is something that is designed to be lightweight and allow a golfer a chance to head out and play just a few holes with a few clubs. If you don’t think you need all 14 holes for a quick round of nine, the Sunday bag is a great choice. Some players like the Sunday bag style when heading out to the driving range. 

The Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday bag is an excellent combination of quality with value. This is one of the lower-priced options on the market. Even though it is small, you should have no trouble getting eight or more clubs in the golf bag. 

With a few small pockets and a durable stand, the Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag is a brilliant choice for any golfer. 


  • Fair pricing
  • Very lightweight option
  • Good choice for beginners that don’t have a full set 


  • Not a good fit for 14 clubs and a lot of gear 

Best Women’s Golf Bag: Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

The Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag is an excellent option for women players. This stand bag not only works well to carry, but it is also a good option when you are using a pushcart or a trolley. The bag sits well and has the integrated cart strap tunnel to ensure that you will not see twisting or turning of the clubs when they are on the cart. 

We love that this bag gives so much storage but is still a lightweight option. The expandable apparel pocket means that you can bring all of your rain gear or even extra sweaters for the course. 

The premium double strap also helps to ensure that you will be able to carry this bag around the course easily. With the number of colors and patterns this bag is offered in, it makes an excellent long-term option for the female golfer. 


  • Integrated cart strap tunnel 
  • Premium double strap 
  • Works well on pushcarts as well 


  • Not the lightest weight cart bag (8 pounds total) 

Best Lightweight Cart Bag: TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

The best lightweight cart bag on the market is the TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag. With a TaylorMade Cart bag like this, you get all the size and functionality of a cart bag but at a very low weight. The entire bag only weighs a total of 5.5 pounds which is very light for a cart bag. 

The Cart Lite Bag has the True Cart Strap Pass Through strap system. You won’t lose any access to your pockets on your golf bag when you have this in place. The bag also has ample storage to keep all of your tees, golf balls, and accessories. Overall this is an excellent design for those that don’t want to have to lift a 30 or 40-pound golf bag out of their cars. 


  • Lots of front facing pockets
  • 14 Golf club dividers 
  • Eight large pockets
  • Lighter weight


  • Not as many features as the premium golf cart bags 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea of which golf bags are the best on the market let’s take a more in-depth look at how you can decide which of these is a better fit for you. 

Is A Cart Bag Or A Stand Bag Better? 

If you like to walk the golf course, you are going to need a stand bag. If you enjoy playing golf with the use of a cart, the cart bag is the better choice. Cart bags tend to be heavier but hold quite a bit more gear. A stand bag is lightweight, but you may have to leave those extra dozen golf balls at home. 

How Much Should A Golf Bag Weigh? 

Most of the lightweight golf bags on the market weigh around 4 or 5 pounds. The larger golf bags tend to be closer to 6-8 pounds. If you struggle with putting your clubs in and out of your car, you will have to consider going with the lighter golf bag. In addition, golfers should use lightweight bags if they have physical limitations such as a bad back or other injuries. 

Do I Need A Backpack Strap On My Golf Bag? 

If you are going to walk the golf course, there are two essential features to look for in a bag. The first is the backpack-style golf strap, and the second is the hip pad. The hip pad will protect your lower body when you step. 

It ensures that you won’t have the bag crashing into you as you make your way around the course. The backpack or double strap makes sure that you can place the bag in a level position across your back. This level position helps to prevent long-term back pain and issues. 

Final Thoughts

All this talk about golf bags probably has you itching to get out on the golf course. The Callaway Golf Fairway Stand Bag is our best overall choice; however, the other options on our list also did very well in their respective categories. With the Callaway Golf Fairway Stand Bag giving you the choice of several different colors, the 14-way divider for your clubs, and plenty of pockets, it is without a doubt a smart option for your golf game. This bag should last you many years; now, all you need to do is pair it with some impressive Callaway golf clubs

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