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Walking the golf course is one of the best ways to get exercise and play a great round of golf. When you walk with a push cart, you don’t have to worry about hurting your back, and you can ensure that the push cart is getting you close to the green each time. Golfers find that push carts allow for much more direct routes around the golf course. However, there are quite a few push carts on the market to choose from. Some will be on the lower end of the price range and good for an occasional round, and others are much more premium style. If you are looking for the best golf push carts on the market, we have all the info you need!

Our list of the BEST Golf Push Carts

Best Golf Push Carts Overall: CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart – Foldable Collapsible Lightweight Pushcart with Foot Brake

CaddyTek is a brand that you will see come up quite often when looking for the best golf push carts on the market. The great thing about the CaddyTek golf push carts is that they offer golfers quite a bit of extra performance for a fair price.

The CaddyTek 3 is a three wheel design that has a strong aluminum frame. The push cart weighs about 18 pounds which is not bad to lift in and out of your car. In addition, there is a foot brake that helps ensure that the front wheel does not take off when you are parked at the green.


  • Easy to add accessories like an umbrella holder
  • Fair pricing for the smooth and easy right
  • The very simple folding process
  • Basket with cooler built in


  • This push cart works best with lighter weight golf bags

Best Premium Golf Push Cart: Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

If you are serious about walking the golf course, then the best golf push cart will likely be this Clicgear Model 4.0. You can expect to pay a higher price for these push carts, but they are extremely stable and will make walking the golf course quite a bit easier.

This is a three wheel design that has a ton of adjustability involved. You can make sure that your bag is securely fit on the push cart. In addition, this Clicgear Model 4.0 is one of the best push carts for walking hilly golf courses as it has so much stability.


  • It comes with a cup holder and umbrella mount
  • Made with durable aluminum plastic
  • Long lasting model
  • Excellent stability for a 3 wheel push cart


  • May need to add an additional storage bag

Best 4 Wheel Push Carts: Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

One of the great things about the best golf push carts in the market is that you can choose between the 3 wheel and the 4 wheel design to get you around the course. The 4 wheel designs tend to be an option for the heavier golf bag and the golfer that likes to take many accessories.

Sometimes even though you are not taking a golf cart, you still want to bring all of your gear along; the Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart is an excellent option for that. This 4 wheel golf push cart folds quickly, has a built in brake system, and works for stand bags and cart bags.


  • More stability than a three wheel push cart
  • Excellent storage space and compartments
  • Lots of stability


  • Four wheel push carts can be a bit harder to turn and maneuver

Best Push Cart For A Fast Walker: Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart GX

If you find that you like to make your way around the course relatively quickly, the Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart GX could be a great option to consider. Sun Mountain is known for its premium golf equipment choices. If you want the best golf push cart for long term use and speedy walking, this is a great option.

The Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart GX will adjust to work with both cart and stand bags. There is also a braking system and an attached seat that you can upgrade and add to the bag. Overall the scorecard holder and storage compartment are quite well designed; this is an easy cart to get out on the course with you.


  • Quality product from a trusted manufacturer
  • Nice scorecard holder and storage compartment
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Adjustable for any type of golf bag


  • Adjustable handle would be a good addition

Best Cheap Golf Push Cart: JEF WORLD OF GOLF- Deluxe Steel Push Cart

If you have noticed, most of the golf push carts on our list are made with an aluminum material. The aluminum will not rust, and it tends to last for quite some time. However, this is also a more expensive material. If you are looking for a golf push cart but are on a budget, the Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Push Cart is a great option to consider.

This is one of the cheapest golf push carts on the market. It is similar in pricing to something like the Big Max Blade Ip push carts that can be quite difficult to find. However, the JEF World of Golf Deluxe Steel is not made from aluminum and may require a bit of extra maintenance long term. For golfers that are not sure if walking the golf course is going to be an excellent fit for their game, this is a great way to test the concept.


  • Very low in price
  • It folds small and will fit in your trunk
  • Has a built in scorecard holder


  • The beverage holder and additional storage would have to be added separately

Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now feel a bit better about the cart best golf push carts on the market. There are hundreds of these to choose from, and the push cart best golf players use will be very much dependent on their individual preferences. Some want a sleek and quick design; others want a cart designed to carry around as much gear as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying the best golf push cart for your needs.

Three vs. Four Wheel

The three wheel and four wheel carts have a lot of similarities, but the four wheel is going to have more stability. If you are worried about your golf bag tipping, the four wheel often does a better job of keeping it in place.

The three wheel carts tend to be lighter in weight, and the folding mechanism is typically simpler as well. The four wheel push carts are the best choice if you own a cart bag.


Golf push carts are going to save you a lot of money. Think about how much you are paying to play a round of golf right now; cart fees are probably an additional 25 dollars. It will only take a few rounds of golf to recoup the money you spent on a golf push cart. Keep this in mind if you are concerned about the price.

Features and Accessories

Of course, you will want a golf push cart that is easy to fold and easy to push. However, it also makes sense to look for things like height adjustable, storage, compact size, stand bag and cart bag adjustment, and more. Some golf carts have removable rear wheels to help the cart store easier and to keep it clean at times.

Many golfers like to add an umbrella to their cart to ensure that they can stay protected from the sun and from the rain as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are asked about the best golf push carts on the market.

Are Push Carts Worth It?

Golf push carts are well worth the price that you pay. Most golfers find that about five or six rounds of golf are all it takes to fully recoup the money they spent on a push cart. If you are a player that gets in more than one round on a weekend, it won’t take you long to be very glad you bought a golf push cart.

Is ClicGear the Best Push Cart?

Clicgear is known for being one of the top names in golf push carts. When you push a ClicGear cart around, you will notice that it has a very easy feel and movement. It almost seems as though you barely have to push the ClicGear.

Are Push Carts Bad For Your Back?

Push carts can be bad for your back if you have to walk hunched over while you push them. The best way to avoid this is to try and stand as upright as possible and to use a golf push cart with adjustable height.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel ready to put the best golf push cart for your needs. We love the CaddyTek 3 because of its simplistic yet functional design. With the CaddyTek 3 you also get a mix of affordability with your golf cart. A golf push cart is something that should last you for many years. Ensuring that you purchase the right one from the start will certainly help make this a better investment in your golf future.

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