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Holding your golf clubs is the only connection that you have with the game. Without the grip, there is simply no golf. Therefore ensuring that your grip and connection with the club is perfect is the only real way to take your golf game to the next level. For most golfers gripping the club is a bit tricky without a glove. 

Gloves give you extra peace of mind about your connection with the club and your ability to maintain control throughout your entire golf swing. We have pulled together some of our favorite golf gloves on the market across a few different categories. A glove that works for you may be a poor fit for a friend of yours; make sure you consider all preferences before choosing the best golf gloves.

Our list of the BEST Golf Gloves

Best Overall: FootJoy Men’s StaSof Golf Glove (White)

The FootJoy Men’s StaSof golf glove has an incredibly soft feel and incredible performance. This glove earns the top spot because it has the feel of a premium Cabretta leather glove with the performance of a more durable synthetic golf glove. 

The FootJoy StaSof is made with a Taction3 Advanced Performance Leather that will keep it soft and flexible for quite some time. It does not matter if you are playing in a little rain, humidity, or high temperatures; the StaSof will only work better. 


  • Some mesh sections for better breathability 
  • 3 directions closure for a better fit 
  • Very soft feel does not create a disconnect between club and players hand
  • It has enough traction to work in the wet weather as well 


  • It may not last as long as a synthetic golf glove

Best Premium Golf Gloves: Titleist Players Golf Gloves

The thing that makes the Titleist Players golf gloves the best premium gloves is how thin the glove is. For incredible feel and long-lasting performance, the Titleist Players golf gloves will be the better choice for the highly sensitive player. 

If you worry that a golf glove is going to lessen your feel and make the game a bit more difficult, you will want the Titleist Players golf glove. The premium fit also allows for a seamless connection. Around the cuff and the thumb, you will notice some reinforcement to try and help the glove last longer. For as thin as this glove is, it has an impressive lifespan. 

However, don’t expect it to last as long as some other options on the market. 


  • Very thin feel 
  • Breathable fabric
  • Almost like an extension of your skin 


  • It tends to wear through a bit easier because of the thin material 

Best Value Golf Gloves: FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves, Pack of 2 (White)

Golf equipment gets expensive, and golf gloves tend to add up simply because they don’t last that long. Some golfers can be a bit rough on a glove, and they will find that it may only last a few rounds. The FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof golf gloves are the perfect choice for a reasonably priced golf glove. 

The secure closure, incredible fit, and breathable mesh of the FootJoy WeatherSof allow this glove to be high performing even though it is very low priced. The only complaint that some sensitive players will have is that the glove is a bit thicker than other options on the market. The great thing about this thickness is that you have a strong palm patch and increased cushioning. 


  • It comes at a very fair price
  • Breathable mesh materials in knuckles
  • It fits well with the FiberSof material 


  • A thick palm pad can be troublesome for those with smaller hands 

Best For Sweaty Hands: Under Armour Men’s UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves

Most of the time, golf is played in relatively warm weather. When this is the case, hands can get sweaty, making it more difficult to control the golf club. Finding a glove that tends to work best when your hands get wet is a great choice. The Under Armour Men’s UA Iso-Chill is a perfect choice. 

There is truly nothing worse than feeling like you may let go of the golf club at some point in your swing. With the Under Armour Iso-Chill this is not a concern. The soft Cabretta leather and UA Tour Cool fabric will keep heat away from your skin, so you feel cool and comfortable when you play. 


  • Premium fabric technology 
  • Wicks sweat away and will dry quickly 
  • Micro perforations to make it more breathable 


  • Some golfers feel this glove runs a bit small in the wrist area 

Best Golf Glove For Comfort: Callaway Men’s Opti Flex Golf Glove

Wearing a comfortable golf glove is going to help encourage you to keep the glove on throughout your round. When your hand is sweaty or stiff in the glove, you will likely choose not to wear it all that often. The Callaway Men’s Opti Flex Golf Glove is the perfect choice for those that want flexibility and movement in their hands. 

The Callaway Men’s Opti Flex has an improved feel and lots of flexibility. There are perforations on the palm and in the finger area as well to help reduce the overall build up of moisture and make the glove more breathable. 


  • Stretches to fit hand easily 
  • Very comfortable glove
  • Made with optical leather for a premium feel 


  • Not the best choice if you like a very tight fitting golf glove 

Best For Arthritis: Bionic Golf Glove with Men’s StableGrip

Playing golf when your hands are hurting you can become challenging. The best possible solution for those with arthritis is to wear a golf glove with extra padding and comfort. Bionic gloves are by far the best choice for this situation. 

One of the most painful things for those that struggle with arthritis is the bending of the hand. If your fingers can easily bend, then you can wear a glove with any material or thickness. However, when it hurts to move them, the extra padding in the Bionic glove will help ensure you can play pain-free. 


  • Built specifically to help with hand and joint pain
  • Allows golfers to bend fingers less
  • Puts the cushion and padding in the perfect location 


  • Bionic gloves are always some of the most expensive 

What To Look For When Buying The Best Golf Gloves 

There are three main factors to look out for when you are purchasing your next golf glove. The three factors are fit, performance, and material. 


It is a good idea to try a glove on before purchasing it, as some companies’ sizes run a bit different. For instance, a Titleist Medium glove and a Callaway Medium glove may feel slightly different when on your hand. 

In addition, pay attention to things like cadet sizing, which is built for people who have slightly shorter fingers. 


Are you looking for a glove that helps your primary contact when you get sweaty? 

Do you want something that feels like it glues you to the club? 

Is arthritis pain making you wonder if you can even play golf anymore?

Golf gloves have all different types of performance that they offer people. Ensure that you find something that is adequately fixing the problem that left you searching for a golf glove, to begin with. 


Golf gloves are typically made with leather or synthetic materials. The leather golf gloves have a much better feel, but they do fall apart easier and cost more money to begin with. The synthetic gloves are very durable, usually a bit thicker, and can get you through many rounds of golf. The material you use in the glove will be based on your personal preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A golf glove is a common and frequent purchase for golfers, and therefore lots of interesting questions come up. 

Do I Need A Golf Glove On Both Hands? 

If you play golf in the rain or struggle with getting blisters on your hands, then using a glove on both hands is acceptable. It is not common practice to use a golf glove on both hands. 

What Hand Does A Right Handed Golfer Wear A Glove On? 

A right handed golfer wears a glove on the left hand. This is done so that the left hand can have better control of the club during the swing. An excellent golf grip ensures that the left hand has more work to do during the swing than the right hand.  

Do I Need To Wear A Golf Glove? 

Wearing a golf glove is not a necessity. Many players choose to wear a glove because it is a way to ensure that they remain secure in their connection to the club. With all there is to think about in the game of golf, the last thing you need is to be worrying if you are going to let go of your club in the middle of your swing. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel a bit better about which golf gloves could make the most sense for your game. The FootJoy StaSoft is our favorite option because it provides all the benefits of a premium glove at a very fair price. This glove has the perfect combination of thin feel and durability, and it should last you for quite a few rounds of golf. Once you find a golf glove that you like, start buying them in half a dozen packs, you will save a bit of money, and you know you will always use them. 

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