Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Review

The golf ball you choose to play with will have a big impact on your performance on the golf course. Players that find the right golf balls for their game are going to enjoy greater distance, more impressive spin, and likely lower golf scores.

There is quite a bit of buzz about the Kirkland Signature golf ball and whether or not it is worth putting into play. If you have seen these golf balls or are just curious and thinking of making a change, we have all the details you need. We have used the Kirkland Signature golf balls, and without spoiling any surprises, we can tell you that they are quite good.

Who Makes The Kirkland Signature Golf Ball?

The Kirkland golf ball is manufactured by the wholesale giant Costco. Costco makes a lot of products that are great for outdoor sports and camping and fishing, but they are certainly not known for being one of the top golf manufacturers on the market.

The technology used in the Kirkland golf balls is quite impressive and will compete with any of the big names in golf ball development.

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Features and Benefits

The decision as to whether or not the Kirkland golf balls would be a good fit for your game will come down to the features and benefits that this ball has to offer. Remember that there are many good golf balls on the market, but there may only be a few that are a good fit for your game.

3 Piece

The Kirkland Signature golf ball is a 3 piece golf ball with a high energy core and a soft urethane cover. Three piece golf balls have performance from both the tee and the green. With a three piece golf ball, players typically can get distance as well as feel around the greens.

A two piece golf ball is typically more of a distance golf ball. Four and five piece golf balls are more premium balls that will come in at a much higher price than Kirkland balls.

Essentially the three piece golf ball provides the perfect mix of performance and affordability.

Urethane Cover Golf Ball

A Urethane cover offers two significant benefits. The first of these benefits is that golfers can get a soft feel around the green. A softer feel helps players that need to increase their accuracy around the greens. We felt like the Kirkland golf ball had plenty of greenside performance, and we were able to control what the ball did.

The other great benefit of a Urethane cover golf ball is its durability. These Urethane covers can hold up over time and allow you to get more than one round out of a ball.

High Greenside Spin

Greenside spin helps golfers be more accurate. When you purchase an expensive golf ball, you can almost guarantee that you will get high greenside spin. With these Kirkland Signature golf balls being half the price of a premium ball, we were skeptical of the greenside spin.

However, when putting the ball in play, we found almost as much greenside spin as tour balls. Lower swing speeds may struggle to see high levels of greenside spin with the Kirkland Signature ball but mid to high speeds should have no trouble.

Lower Compression

The Kirkland Signature Performance ball is a lower compression ball for a casual golfer. Players with very high swing speeds will not find this to be a perfect match and could actually lose distance.

A lower compression golf ball makes it easier for the slower swing speed golfers to get the ball speed that they need. Without having to add in extra effort on your part, you should be able to gain distance with the Kirkland Signature ball in play.

338 Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern on a golf ball can impact the trajectory and penetration of the ball flight. The Kirkland golf ball has a 338 dimple pattern that gives the ball a more penetrating ball flight.

Each golf ball company and manufacturer has its own theory when it comes to dimple patterns, sizes, and overall dimple performance. The 338 Dimple pattern is something seen in more expensive balls, and it allows the golf ball to cut through the air quite a bit easier.

Two Dozen Golf Balls

The Kirkland golf ball is sold in a two dozen golf ball pack for an affordable price. The great thing about getting two dozen golf balls with a Urethane cover is that you will be able to use each of these balls for more than one round. If you hit your shots relatively straight, you may not have to buy golf balls again for quite some time.


One of the things that makes certain golfers a bit leery about the Kirkland golf balls is the fact that they are much lower in price than other tour level balls. This brings up some red flags about the technology and the materials used.

However, when you consider the pricing of the Kirkland golf balls, you have to think about the entire golf ball market. How many commercials and ads do you see for other balls? Chances are you have seen TaylorMade, Callaway, Bridgestone, and Titleist commercials. Kirkland does not advertise their golf balls in this way.

Costco has a strong and loyal customer base, and simply putting the golf balls out in the store will help ensure that they sell just fine. With Costco not having to advertise the Kirkland golf ball, the overall pricing will be much more affordable, and the end user will receive this benefit.

Don’t let the affordable pricing of the Kirkland Signature Performance ball keep you from putting it into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea as to what the Kirkland Signature golf ball has to offer the golf industry, it’s time to answer a few questions that could help you decide if this is the best ball for your game.

Are Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Any Good?

The Kirkland signature is a three piece ball with impressive short game performance, great distance, and an incredible price. Just because this golf ball is not developed by Bridgestone, Callaway, or Titleist does not mean that it should concern you to put into play.

If you are tired of paying premium prices for a tour ball, give the Kirkland Signature a try, and you may find that it has some excellent overall performance.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Good For High Handicappers?

High handicappers with a medium swing speed will benefit significantly from the Kirkland golf balls. Those with higher swing speeds may find the compression to be too low on the Kirkland. This ends up costing some distance, especially from the tee and the long irons.

Higher handicappers should put a golf ball into play that performs both the tee and the green. The three piece technology of the Kirkland allows this to happen.

Are Kirkland Signature Golf Balls A Good Alternative To The Pro V1?

There is quite a bit of talk about whether or not the Kirkland signature golf balls make an excellent alternative to the Pro V1. There are some similarities in the feel of the Pro V1 and the distance performance. However, when it comes to the spin on the greens, the Kirkland will not spin quite as much as the Pro V1.

Looking at the overall pricing of the Kirkland compared to the Pro V1, it can certainly be a good option, but it won’t be the same golf ball. If you are a player looking to save money and can sacrifice a bit of greenside spin, the Kirkland is a good option.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now have a better idea of whether or not the Kirkland golf balls would be a good fit for your game. Overall this is a good ball with long distance and high spin around the greens. The pricing of the Kirkland golf balls is much better than the other three-piece golf balls on the market.

For the average golfer with medium to slow swing speed, the Kirkland Signature will end up being a good choice. For a three piece urethane cover golf ball, we were impressed with Kirkland’s performance. Remember that it is hard to say that a golf ball is the best overall on the market, as choosing a golf ball has more to do with matching it to your game.

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