Longest Golf Balls For All Golfers in 2022

It’s hard to find a golfer that dislikes distance. It’s great to hit the ball close to the hole or keep your shot in the fairway, but there is nothing quite like hitting that driver that flies twenty yards past all of your friends.

Of course, there are some swing mechanics involved in being able to do this, but there are times when equipment comes into play as well. Distance golf balls are not hard to find; however, some are better than others. Let’s take a look t some of the longest golf balls for all golfers; we have options on this list for all price ranges and player styles.

Our list of the Longest Golf Balls For All Golfers

Best Overall Distance Golf Balls: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

The best overall golf balls for distance are the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls. Titleist is genuinely the best golf ball manufacturer in the game when you consider their entire product lineup. The Titleist Velocity is one of the longer distance golf balls on the market, and it is partly because of the low long game spin.

Having a low spinning golf ball helps to increase roll, and overall carry can help the Velocity stand out. In addition, you must be careful with distance golf balls that they are not going to roll through the green when you hit an approach shot. The Titleist Velocity golf ball has plenty of iron stop-ability and will perform for the mid to high swing speed.


  • Allows you to stop your iron shots with ease
  • Incredible performance for two piece golf balls
  • One of the better feeling distance golf balls on the market


  • Titleist golf balls tend to be a bit more expensive than other models

Best Feeling Distance Balls: Callaway Chrome Soft XLS

The Callaway Chrome Soft XLS is a newer premium golf ball release that has some tremendous distance capabilities. With the Chrome Soft XLS, you will get soft golf balls that feel great around the greens, but they can roll forever.

For the faster swinging golfer, it can be hard to control that swing speed and still get low spin off the tee. The Callaway Chrome Soft XLS is one of the better golf balls for distance and allows this to happen naturally.

Callaway always does some great work with its golf ball aerodynamics and dimples, and the longer overall distance with these patterns helps players get through wind and rough conditions. For a penetrating ball flight that travels a long way, the Chrome Soft is a great option.


  • New high speed core
  • Durable and cut resistant cover
  • Long distance golf ball


  • Not for the slower swing speed golfers

Best Low Compression Longest Golf Balls: Callaway Supersoft

The best low compression golf balls for long distances are the Callaway Supersoft. A Callaway Supersoft golf ball has very low compression and makes it easier for the slower swinging golfers to get the distance they need on their golf shots.

We are impressed by the low spin and overall distance you can get from a Callaway Supersoft. The High Speed Soft Compression core helps take as much of the energy that you have and transfer it to the golf ball. With HEX Aerodynamics and reduced drag, the ball can cut through the air quite well.

The Callaway Supersoft are some of the best golf balls for new players and seniors with a slower swing speed but still need distance and feel around the greens. With the new Hybrid Cover, we were really impressed with the extra greenside control you get with this club in your hand.


  • Easy to launch
  • The new durable cover has a soft feel
  • Easy for slower swing speed players to compress


  • Not the best choice for the golfer with lots of power

Best Longest Golf Ball For The Money: TaylorMade Distance Plus

A golf ball that travels a long way does not need to be expensive. Most of the time, the high compression golf balls with many layers are the most expensive on the market. Therefore looking for something that is two pieces and mid to low compression usually ends up being the better deal.

One great choice to consider is the TaylorMade Distance Plus golf ball. The dimple design on the TaylorMade distance plus is there to help this ball cut through the air with ease. The low drag aerodynamics ensure that you can get all of the roll and impressive launch that you want.

With a value-type golf ball like this, don’t expect too much greenside performance and spin. If you have a hard time spinning the ball around the greens, the TaylorMade Distance Plus could be a poor choice.


  • Good golf ball for distance
  • Works for slow swing speeds
  • Advanced aerodynamic dimple pattern


  • Not the same feel as premium golf balls
  • More of a distance ball, will not spin much around the greens

Best Distance Golf Balls For Women: Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Women golfers often struggle to get the distance they need, and most of the time, it has to do with a slow swing speed. Women golfers that work on creating a faster swing speed will see maximum distance. However, pairing this swing speed with the proper golf equipment can also help to increase the overall performance.

The reason we love the Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball is that it has a perfect mix of soft core feel and higher ball speed. Women golfers will not want to give up their feel and precision around the greens as this is where the real scoring takes place.

With the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern available on the Srixon Soft Feel lady, you will get a penetrating ball flight that continues to roll after it hits the ground.


  • Soft center but a first outer edge
  • Great combination of extra distance with a softer core
  • It works well for an average swing speed golfer


  • Still not multi layer golf balls

Buyers Guide

Finding distance boosting golf balls for your game may take a bit of trial and error. Trying to find something that gives you more distance without sacrificing ball flight or feel is a challenging task. Here are a few ways to help you decide which golf ball is the best for your needs.


The compression of a golf ball essentially tells a golfer how hard they need to hit the ball to see the proper results in their game. The compression rating is very important for slower swing speed players that have a hard time getting distance from their golf shots. The slower your swing, the lower the compression you will need.

Number of Pieces

Most of the time, distance golf balls are going to be two piece golf balls. This allows for a high power inner core and a better feeling cover. Sometimes a golf ball with four or five pieces has technology that helps players get both distance and spin. However, the longest golf ball on the market will almost always be a two piece.


The pricing of the longest golf balls for golfers is typically quite fair. You will get a great value on distance golf balls because the materials to make them are typically not quite as expensive as making a high spin golf ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are most commonly asked about the best golf balls for distance.

What Makes A Golf Ball A Distance Ball?

Low spin golf balls with an aerodynamic dimple pattern and a high-energy core are typically the longest golf balls. If you want to get a lot of distance from a golf ball, try something like the Titleist Velocity or the TaylorMade Distance + to see if it helps you get that lower spin, higher ball flight, and long roll.

Should I Use A Low Compression Ball?

If you have a slower swing speed and are looking for extra distance in your golf shots, a low compression ball is a smart choice. The best distance golf balls are typically lower in compression. It takes quite a bit of effort to hit a higher compression ball a long way.

Are Long Distance Golf Balls Worth It?

Long distance golf balls are worth the price if you are struggling to get the distance you need from the tee box. The only issue that sometimes comes into play with a distance golf ball is the fact that the greenside feel is not all that great. Golfers that struggle with spinning the ball or getting it to stop when it hits the green will do well with a long distance golf ball.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are now feeling like you can combine your great golf swing with the best golf ball for distance and finally start seeing the yardages you have always wanted. The Titleist Velocity golf balls are the perfect solution for the distance-seeking player. If you want a golf ball that feels great, flies a long way, and still even allows you to stop a ball on a green, the Titleist Velocity is a perfect choice to consider. Don’t let the wrong golf ball technology hold you back; take advantage of the equipment out there.

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