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With today’s golf technology, there is no reason not to know your distance to the pin. If you don’t have a golf cart that is giving you the number you need, chances are you will be equipped with a rangefinder or a golf GPS device. The golf GPS watch is an excellent addition to the game because it is effortless to use. You won’t have to worry about putting the unit down in the wrong place or forgetting to bring it when you walk over to your ball. The golf GPS watch is always with you, and it is accurate. There are lots of positives about the GPS golf watch. However, the one negative is that there are many of these watches on the market to choose from. It’s hard to break down which ones are good and which are not; here are a few of our favorites. 

Our List of the BEST Golf GPS Watches

Best Overall: Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch, Black

Don’t be surprised if you see the Garmin name come up more than once on this list of the best golf GPS watches on the market. The best overall option on the market is the Garmin Approach S10. This is a lightweight golf watch that comes with more than 41,000 courses already loaded. 

In addition to being quick to pull up yardage, you can also keep score and track your pace of play on the Garmin S10. The rechargeable battery on the Garmin will give you about 12 hours of playtime in the GPS mode, more than most golfers can manage in a day. 


  • Very simple and easy to use, a golf GPS watch 
  • Great looking 
  • The battery will last for a long time 


  • Will not track your golf shots 

Best Value: TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch, Preloaded Worldwide Courses

Golf technology is helpful, but it also gets expensive. The TecTecTec is a perfect choice if you are trying to watch your budget, but you also want to ensure you have a great look into the green. This watch has everything that you need, for a very fair price. 

The distance shown is the front, middle, and back of the green, and TecTecTec guarantees their accuracy to within about one yard. In addition to the distances to the green, you will also get distances to hazards with this golf GPS watch. Just like the Garmin, the battery life is going to be right around 2.5 eighteen-hole rounds of golf. 


  • Easy to navigate 
  • Automatically connects when you arrive at the golf course
  • Very fair pricing


  • It is a bit bulkier than other golf GPS watches 

Best Premium: Garmin Approach S40, Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch, Lightweight With Touchscreen Display

Here comes Garmin again with another excellent option for a golf GPS watch. This Garmin S40 model is a bit more advanced than the S10, and it has a touchscreen display. The display even has color, so you can clearly see exactly where you should be hitting the golf ball. If you play courses that are new to you, you will enjoy the technology this Garmin S40 GPS watch provides. 

In addition to the beautiful display, this model comes with the ability to auto-record and detect your distances. This means that at the end of the round, you can look back and see how far some of your drives are going. This is a premium golf GPS watch for those that are serious about their stats. 


  • Equipped with premium technology 
  • It has a beautiful color display 
  • The touchscreen makes it easy to use 


  • Won’t track putting and some chip shots 


Best Display: SkyCaddie LX5, GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display 

The display on a golf GPS watch is critical. Not only does it need to be clear enough for you to read, but it also needs to be able to be seen in the sun. The majority of the time, your shots will be in the middle of the fairway, not protected by tree cover. If the watch doesn’t have a clear display, you won’t be able to read it. 

Luckily the SkyCaddie LX5 has made this easy. The touchscreen is 1.39,” and it is full color. You can even zoom in on images of the green to get extra detail. If you are worried about exactly where to hit the ball, the SkyCaddie LX5 can help. 


  • The company has been in the industry for a long time
  • Large touchscreen with easy navigation 
  • WiFi-enabled and includes step counter and heart rate

Best Shot Tracking Golf GPS Watch: Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch – F/M/B + Hazard Distances – Automatic Shot Tracking

If you like the idea of keeping track of your stats when you are on the golf course, then the Shot Scope V3 could be the perfect golf GPS watch for you. You won’t have to do much else than focus on your game, and the V3 will automatically track your performance. 

The sensors that come with the Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch help to ensure the accuracy of information. In addition, the color screen showing the hole, greens, and hazard distances will undoubtedly give you a better idea as to what you have in front of you. This is a smart choice if you have been considering a shot tracker and a GPS watch. 


  • Automatically tracks and records your performance 
  • Comes with 36,000 preloaded golf courses
  • The color screen is very easy to read 


  • Some complaints with accuracy on the short game shots 

Easiest To Use Golf GPS Watch: Golf Buddy Aim Golf GPS Watch, Premium Full Color Touchscreen

Another issue that golfers have with some golf GPS watches is that they become difficult to use. If you find that you are struggling with your watch and wasting too much of your golf time fidgeting with technology, this Golf Buddy Aim is a perfect option. 

The Golf Buddy Aim has a 1.3” full color display, and it is a full touchscreen model. Not only can you get a great view of the hole in front of you, but you will also be able to see the breaks and movement in some of the greens. With over 40,000 golf courses currently loaded on the Golf Buddy, this is a model you can start using the day you get it. 


  • It comes with an extra wristband 
  • It Will last for two rounds 
  • Has some slope readings on greens 


  • Not a watch you would wear every day, something that is built more for just golfing 

Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better idea as to which golf GPS watches to purchase let’s take a look at how you can narrow these down even further. Here are a few considerations when deciding upon the best match for your game. 


Golf GPS watches tend to range in price from just under $100 to well over $400. Depending on how much you think you will use the watch, you will have to invest wisely. The cheaper watches tend to lack some of the shot tracking features, and they typically don’t have color screens. However, the front back and middle yardage that they give you will be just as accurate. 


The higher-end golf GPS watches tend to come with a touchscreen. The touchscreen makes these watches very easy to use. One of the things we love about the touchscreen capability is to really establish the exact location you would like to place your golf shot. 

Shot Tracking 

Shot tracking is a relatively new benefit of golf GPS watches. With the shot tracking ability, you simply play your round, and later in the day, you can load up your golf GPS watch to see everything you did on the course. Shot tracking is an excellent solution for those looking to learn how far they hit individual clubs; it also makes it easier to see what parts of your game need the most work. 

The only downside to shot tracking with a golf GPS watch is that it is not all that accurate yet. Some shots are missed completely by the watch, and that can be frustrating. However, after an eighteen-hole round of golf, the amount of information collected will be significant. 

Is A Golf GPS Watch Better Than A Laser Rangefinder?

There are two schools of thought on the golf GPS watch. Some believe it is better because you don’t have to make any adjustments to the GPS watch, you simply look down, and you get your yardage. 

With a laser rangefinder, you have to find the pin, narrow in on it, and make sure you accurately shoot the distance. If you are not capable of doing this because of a shaky hand or poor eyesight, the GPS watch is a much better choice. 

The only downside of the GPS watch is that you get the front, middle, and back of the green, not the exact yardage to the pin.  If you don’t need to be overly precise, this should not matter. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel ready to purchase a golf GPS watch for your game. This is a golf gadget that could make a significant improvement in your game. If you start to follow these yardages and pay attention to where hazards are, your course management skills are bound to improve. The Garmin S10 stands out as the best overall golf GPS watch because of its impressive technology and fair pricing. This watch has everything you need to get started but will not break the bank. In addition, Garmin products are known to outlast many others on the market. 

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