Best Golf Launch Monitors

A golf launch monitor was something that you would typically have to find in a high end golf fitting shop just a few years ago.

The technology has now changed so much that you can find a portable launch monitor to have on the course or driving range with you.

The best golf launch monitors on the market will measure your club head speed, give you an idea if a golf club is a suitable choice for you, and significantly improve your understanding of your own golf game. In addition, golf launch monitors can be used as part of a home golf simulator setup. If you have been looking for the best golf launch monitor on the market, we have all the information you need.

Our list of the BEST Golf Launch Monitors

Best Overall Launch Monitor: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for Golf Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is the best overall launch monitor for golfers. The great thing about Rapsodo is that it is quick and easy to set up, and its results are impressive and accurate. The distance accuracy is within 2.5% of Trackman, yet it is only a fraction of the price.

You can get the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor set up in a matter of seconds, and it is compatible with most Apple devices. In addition, many of these personal launch monitor options will only work inside and not both indoors and out. This is a major benefit of Rapsodo.

With this model, you get instant feedback, video averages, and even a GPS view of where your shots are landing. If you are ready to learn about the ball speed, launch angle, spin, and more of your golf shots, the Rapsodo will be a great option. For the accuracy it provides, you won’t find a better price on a golf launch monitor.


  • Very accurate model
  • Sets up in less than a minute
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Affordable personal launch monitor


  • It takes a little while to learn how to use the software system

Best Value Launch Monitor: PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor HS-130A (New 2021 Model)

When you compare personal launch monitors to the cost of a premium golf launch monitor, you will quickly recognize that they are a great deal. However, the PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor comes at an even lower price than you may have thought possible.

This portable launch monitor keeps things very similar. It is easy to use; there is no WiFi or downloads; you simply get your results by looking at the unit. The information the PRGR gives includes swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, and distance. With the price and ease of use, many golfers use this for other sports as well.


  • Very accurate radar technology
  • It will give a good idea of ball flight and carry distance
  • Low pricing


  • It won’t provide advanced data like the angle of attack
  • It does not connect to an app to track stats

Best Launch Monitor With Simulator: FlightScope Mevo+ – Portable Personal Launch Monitor and Simulator for Golf

One reason to purchase a golf launch monitor is to use it in connection with a golf simulator. The FlightScope Mevo+ is the best golf launch monitor and simulator combination for the average golfer. With this unit, you can get information about the smash factor, launch angle, ball speed, carry distance, and even spin rate.

The FlightScope also allows you to get videos of your golf swing and use the unit both indoors and outdoors. The Mevo+ is very easy to set up and allows golfers to get involved in different skill challenges. Overall we find this to be an accurate and valuable option to consider.


  • Good accurate data
  • Can record the angle of attack, ball speed, launch angle, and more
  • Simple to use model
  • Moderately priced for the technology it offers


  • Can be a big investment when paired with the simulator technology

Best Premium Golf Launch Monitor: SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor w/Basic Practice Range Package

If you are serious about your golf game and potentially even thinking of taking your game to the next level, then the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor could be a great option. This is s a very high-performing model that gives you ball speed, spin rates, and more. It utilizes high-speed photography as opposed to radar and gets some very accurate results.

The SkyTrak is a bigger investment than other monitors like the Mevo Plus or the Garmin Approach R10, yet it is the launch monitor best suited for serious golfers. Ensure that you have the proper setup for this launch monitor and understand the results that it can give.


  • Wireless device
  • Very easy to get the ball speed, club head speed, and club path data you need
  • Impressive results work with a simulator setup


  • Very high pricing for the data points that you get

Best Golf Launch Monitor For The Average Golfer: Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC300 & SC300i Portable Golf Launch Monitor

The Voice Caddie has been a launch monitor on the market for several years. One of the things that set this launch monitor apart is its instant feedback, great distance, ball speed, and launch angle accuracy. The Swing Caddie SC300i has also been included with the new Voice Caddie, and it makes for a great game improvement and technology option.

To get instant feedback on your LCD Display, all you will need is just a minute or so to set this model up a few feet behind the ball. The apps work well with Apple and Android phones, and even a remote comes along with the model. Overall you will have difficulty finding a simple and more accurate golf launch monitor for the average player than the Voice Caddie.


  • Excellent distance, swing speed, ball speed accuracy
  • It helps golfers understand their distances
  • Instant feedback
  • Big improvements in accuracy from the Swing Caddies SC200


  • It takes a little time to learn how to use

Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better idea of how the golf launch monitor works, it’s time to break down the options and see which one is for you. There are a few things that you should know about before you decide on which golf launch monitor is best for you. Here are the most important.

Indoor vs. Outdoor vs. Both

Ideally, it makes sense to choose a golf launch monitor that can work both indoors and outdoors. When you can get accurate golf ball data about shots that are hit both indoors and outdoors, the launch monitor has much better value.

Data Parameters

It’s nice to know your swing speed, but if you really want to see improvements in your game, it is a good idea to look at more than just the swing speed. Considering spin and other data points is the only way to really see if your golf game is getting better.


If you are looking to improve your game, set up a golf simulation experience in your home, or simply get club speed, there are several different reasons to purchase a golf launch monitor. Making sure that you choose an option that meets the needs of what you are looking for specifically is important.


Launch monitors are not cheap. To find an affordable launch monitor, you may need to give up some of the data parameters you are looking for. Sometimes launch monitors that eliminate spin rate data are quite a bit less expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are asked most often about launch monitors and their abilities. This is a relatively new type of golf technology, and it is understandable to have plenty of questions.

What Is The Battery Life Of A Launch Monitor?

A launch monitor should be able to last several hours without losing its charge. Some launch monitors have rechargeable batteries, and that is the best investment. When you can charge the battery back up, it makes the overall convenience of the launch monitor quite a bit better.

Are Launch Monitors For Practice Sessions Or On The Course?

Launch monitors can be used both on the golf course and during practice sessions. We really like the idea of using a launch monitor on the golf course, but you must make sure that your course has available for you to be out there messing with the launch monitor setup. It can, however, be helpful to compare the distance and accuracy you get on the course as opposed to the driving range.

What Is The Most Accurate Launch Monitor?

The most accurate launch monitor on the market is the Trackman. The Trackman is not really a personal launch monitor; it is used for very accurate distances during club fittings and with professional golfers. The Trackman is a very high-end model that will be more expensive than any option on our list.

Many golfers like the Mevo and the Rapsodo for affordable launch monitors that still have great accuracy.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to invest in the best launch monitor on the market, this list should help. Launch monitors can be a great piece of golf technology to own. The Rapsodo mobile makes a perfect choice for those looking for impressive video playback, advanced analytics, total distance, club head data, and more. For a very fair price, you can get almost all of the info that professionals are getting about their game from the comfort of your own home.

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