Best Golf Practice Nets in 2022

Getting enough golf practice in each day can be really difficult. Most golfers don’t have the time to head to the driving range and work on their game, even if they have twenty or thirty minutes of free time. This is where it can make sense to bring the practice to you.

Many golfers will hit golf balls in their yard, basement, or garage using a golf hitting net. When purchasing a golf practice net, there are some things that you should consider to ensure that you get the best one. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the best golf practice nets and which one to buy.

Our list of the BEST Golf Practice Nets:

Best Overall Golf Practice Net: GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

The way that GoSports Golf describes their practice net is that they call it a personal driving range. When you purchase the GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net, you will instantly feel like you can take full swings without worrying about the net catching your shots.

There are two size options for the GoSports Golf Hitting Nets. We really like the larger option as it can help give you full confidence and the ability to swing away. When practicing golf at home, the best golf net is the one that lets you feel unrestricted when you are swinging.

The GoSports Golf Practice Hitting net has a ball return feature to help collect golf balls right near the bottom of the net. This is great for those that want to keep hitting without having to collect. Overall you will find that this is one of the best golf nets for durability and longevity as well.


  • It was designed by a group of golfers
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can break down and put back up with ease


  • A large net is a bit cumbersome to deal with; you may want to have a friend help

Best Net For Aiming and Alignment: Gagalileo Practice Net Golf Net, Golf Net Backyard Driving, Golf Driving Nets for Backyard

Practicing while hitting into a golf net and while hitting at a driving range are two different things. One of the first issues that golfers have is how they can know where or not they have hit a good shot. When using the best golf practice net, you will have to rely on your knowledge of feel and accuracy as well as the short flight of the golf ball.

With the Galileo Golf Backyard net, there is a target directly in the middle of the net. If you hit a great golf shot, chances are it will make instant contact with the net and be able to produce an impressive shot.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, it always helps to ensure that your practice is going to be effective when you head out to the course.

That is where the Gagalileo Practice Net Golf Net comes in.


  • Stable and sturdy net
  • Quick and easy setup
  • It also works as a golf net for chip shots


  • Not the largest golf practice net

Best Value Golf Practice Net: SAPLIZE Golf Practice Net with Hitting Mat, High Impact Net, 10x7ft Large Size with Chipping Practice Holes

The best value golf practice net is the Saplize Golf Practice Net. Saplize is a brand that makes a variety of golf accessories, and they almost all come at a lower than the standard price. The Saplize golf net is a unique combination of a chipping net and a full swing golf practice net.

We like the large size of the Saplize golf net and the ability that it has to help you improve several areas of your game. The three chipping targets can help to make golf practice much more fun and entertaining. Overall the net is large, light, and stable and comes at a very fair cost.


  • Fairly priced golf net
  • It can be good for both indoor or outdoor use
  • One of the best golf hitting net choices for chipping
  • Fairly priced


  • Not as easy to assemble initially as some other practice golf nets

Best Premium Golf Practice Net: Rukket Haack Golf Net | Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor | Golfing at Home Swing Training Aids 

The Rukket Haack Golf Net is a premium golf practice net option with a steel frame. Although this net is still lightweight and portable, it is a very safe practice net. If you have a small space and are looking for a net that you can trust to help you improve your game, the Rukket Haack is an excellent option.

The Rukket net size is 10x7x3 feet, and it does have an automatic ball return feature. You can use this golf net to help swing with confidence and get your swing back into the shape you need. Great golfers are learning that some of the best nets on the market are larger with increased area for hitting.


  • It can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Fairly weather resistant
  • Large hitting area


  • A bit large to set up and take with you
  • Priced higher than other golf practice nets

Best Golf Chipping Net: Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net Indoor Outdoor Collapsible Golf Accessories Golfing Target Net

The Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net is a great way to practice your short game in your own backyard. Have you ever felt like your chipping stroke is efficient, but you can’t get the ball close to the hole? The reason behind this could simply be that you don’t know where to land it.

Practicing with a golf chipping net like this that has very high quality and accuracy can really help golfers to hit the best shots possible around the green. The Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net is so lightweight and easy to bring with you when you are ready to hit a few practice shots.

You will be surprised by how quickly your golf game will improve when learning how to control your chip shots.


  • Very easy to set up and to store
  • It helps with the short game
  • Fair pricing
  • Good for those with small yards or practice areas


  • Will fall over if a very poor shot is hit, or there are windy conditions

Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you feel as though you have some great choices for the best golf practice nets on the market. Now that you have a better idea of which nets are the best let’s help you narrow down which will be the best solution for your home practice routine.


The size of the golf practice net is the most crucial determination you must make. First of all, you need to make sure you have room for their practice net in your home golf setup. In addition, it is a good idea to make sure you go with the larger sizes when possible. If you were to miss a golf shot, you want to ensure that your net will catch it.


The portability of the net is also another vital factor to consider. Some golf nets can fold up and be out away. Others are more complicated and will need to be left out at times. If you are looking for something that is lightweight and easy to fold, remember that these are not always as heavy-duty or durable as other golf nets on the market.


The price of a golf net is typically around $100. The nets that are higher than this often have a target, ball return technology, or some added stability. The lower priced nets tend to be made with less durable equipment and may not offer players as much functionality if they are used often. Try to consider both your budget and the functionality of this net when making your final choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are asked most often about the best golf practice net choices on the market.

Are Golf Practice Nets Worth It?

Golf practice nets are well worth the price, as long as you will use them. Whether you have a golf simulator or you simply want to practice outdoor golf without chasing after golf balls, the golf practice net is a great solution. Even taking just a few swings a day is a great way for golfers to be able to improve their skills and become great players.

Is A Golf Driving Net Safe?

Golf driving nets are safe for you to practice. However, we would never trust that a person should stand on the other side of the net while a golfer is practicing. Take the same precautions you would when hitting golf shots on the course, and always stand clear of where a golf ball could end up escaping and heading your way.

Can I Hit A Driver Into A Golf Practice Net?

Golfers can hit any club they want into a golf practice net. The only thing to be aware of is the launch angle of the shot you are hitting. If your launch angle is too high, there is always a chance that the ball could end up going up and over the golf practice net. If this happens, there is a risk of injury or damage. Stay conscious of where you are standing and how the ball is launching.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose the best practice golf nets on the market. Each of these nets has some tremendous benefits, and they will all help you be able to practice hitting at home. However, the golf net that we think stands out on top is the GoSports Practice Hitting Net. The net is a very large size, has tremendous stability, and is a very affordable overall choice for golfers. Golf practice hitting nets are something that you can use to help improve your game long-term; it makes sense to get a great one right from the start. You won’t regret the investment.

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