Top 10 Golf Courses In Italy

If you are planning a trip to Italy, you may want to bring the clubs along with you. Although there are certain areas of Europe that will dominate golf history and future events, Italy has its fair share of serious golfers. With the 2023 Ryder Cup heading to Italy, expect to see an increase in Italian golf and an increase in American interest in Italian golf.

Let’s take a look at the best golf courses that Italy has to offer; this is a list you will want to read before booking your next golf holiday.

Top 10 Golf Courses In Italy

1) Circolo Golf Villa d’Este

At the top of the list sits Circolo Golf Villa d’Este. This is a golf club that has hosted Italiano opens in the past and creates a welcome spot even for the best golfers in the country. The Circolo Golf Villa D’Este is always located within the top ten golf courses in all of Italy, even on the lists put out by the top raters of golf resorts and golf clubs.

The club hosts plenty of amateur championships and has quite a bit of Italian golf history to brand about. The championship course has some great views of Lake Montorfano, and it is a beautiful golf course. Book this one way ahead of time; as one of the best golf courses in Italy, it will fill up rather quickly.

2)Royal Park Roveri Golf Club – Trent Jones Course

Royal Park Roveri Golf Club is considered among many to be the best golf course in all of Italy. The fact that the Royal Park Club has hosted the European Italian Open says something about the condition and difficulty of the golf course.

The thing that sets Royal Park Roveri golf club apart from other golf courses in the area is the views of the Alps that you are going to get. This is not an easy golf course, and if you are looking to play golf in Italy and be challenged by what the golf courses have to offer, Royal Park could be a good solution for your upcoming golf holidays.

Prepare yourself for the 17th hole; when you think about hazards in the game of golf, this golf hole has it all.

3) Biella Golf Club

Biella Golf Club is a smaller and slightly less well known golf club in Italy; however, among the real golfers, this place is a gem. One of the things that really helped the Biella Golf Club stand out was the way that the course used the natural terrain.

Italy has a bit of everything from parkland to mountains to lakes. The golf course architects that included all of this in their design really set those golf courses apart from others in the area. Anytime a club can be made to look more natural, it will hold up over time in the ey of a golfer.

The Biella golf club has some good length to it, with over 7,000 yards from the championship tees. This is a course that even Rory McIlroy has enjoyed playing, and he still holds the course record.

4) Verdura Golf Club – East Course

Some golf courses are shot makers courses, and the Verdura Golf club is without a doubt one of them. IF you have the ability to place your shots around the golf course, the Verdura Golf Club is a great option to consider.

This course has water hazards, bunkers, and uneven terrain to help ensure that you are not just hitting large drives off every tee box. To play well at Verdura, you will need a bit more skill. Our favorite hole is the 18th. From the tee box, the views of the Mediterranean Sea are some of the best in the area, and it’s a shot that you will remember. This is one of those bucket list type courses that you should have on your radar.

5) Bogogno Golf Resort – Bonora Course

The Bogogno Golf Resort has more than one course. If you are a golfer looking to stay somewhere and play a few golf courses, this could be an excellent place to look into. The Bonora Course is one of two golf courses at the Bogogno Golf Resort that also features incredible dining, entertainment, and a large practice area.

This golf course and golf holiday will feel like an escape as it is set in the countryside with sweeping views of the area. The Bonora Course is a bit more difficult than the other course at Bogogno, and if you stay in the area, it certainly deserves a play. Keep the golf ball straight, and you will have a much easier time avoiding the hazards. There is plenty of history and spectacular views to make the Bonora Course worth a visit.

6) Argentario Golf Resort and Spa

The Argentario Golf Resort and Spa is a PGA National golf resort. If you have stayed in these PGA National-type golf and spa resort settings in the past, you likely know the experience. Typically the wonderful setting will match stunning scenery with a solid test of the game.

The Argentario Golf Club is host to many of the local golf tournaments in the area, and it has gained some recognition for using all-natural products in its maintenance. The Argentario Golf Resort and Spa is Italy’s only PGA National resort.

One of the great things about this location is that it offers fantastic views all year round. When booking golf travel, you need to be incredibly careful to book at a time when the weather is pleasant for golf, and this won’t be a problem as people play all year at Argentario.

If you want a variety of scenic views combined with a good test of your golf skill, this is a place to check out.

7) Royal Golf La Bagnaia

The Royal Golf La Bagnaia stands out simply because of the world famous designer that built this course. Robert Trend Jones Jr is the mastermind behind this incredible golf course. When you see the course conditions and the way that history is preserved at Royal Golf La Bagnaia, you will want to put this on your list of potential golf courses to play in Italy.

Expect this golf course to take full advantage of the rolling hills that Tuscany has to offer. If you have never been to Italy and want to see what golf in Italy is all about, this is a smart choice to consider. The Royal Golf La Bagnaia was once a medieval village, and they have art and history on display to further enhance your experience.

If you care about a stern test of your game mixed with character, history, and beauty, check this golf course out.

8) Marco Simone

Marco Simone is the host of the 2023 Ryder Cup. To be able to win the bid for a Ryder Cup, the golf course has to have some pretty impressive features. Countries like Germany, Austria, and Spain were all looking for the Ryder Cup to come to their area, but Marco Simone stood out as the top choice.

The golf course has held tournaments in the past hosting the 1994 and 2021 Italian Open. The Jim Fazio design knows how to test golfers, and it will be an exciting and enjoyable tournament for everyone to watch. With the Ryder Cup getting pushed back from 2022 to 2023, you have even more time to get a round in at Marco Simone golf course before the pros head there to take on each other.

9) Is Arenas Golf

For golfers that need a vacation in Italy that has more than just golf, the Is Arenas Golf Resort is a great option to consider. In addition to getting to play some amazing golf, you will also be enjoying the beach. The resort has several miles of untouched, pristine beaches that resort guests have access to all year long.

The golf course itself is just under 7,000 yards, and it is built throughout a forest. This means that you will have to keep the ball relatively straight in order to score well while playing Is Arenas. The resort area is also one of the more well known in the area and makes this a very well rounded golf destination.

10) Donnafugata Golf Resort – Links Course

Last but not least on our list of the best golf courses in Italy is the Donnafugata Golf Resort. This is a links style course, and when you are looking at golf in Europe, you really should be adding at least one links style course to your list.

The great thing about the Links Course is that there are natural hills and even views of the water to encounter while you make your way around the course. We are impressed with the overall difficulty of this golf course on a great weather day. However, when the wind kicks up, you can get yourself a really impressive test of the game.

Links courses are known for their deep bunkers and large greens. Don’t assume you will two-putt just because you have placed the ball on the green. If you want to experience golf the way it was originally played, the Donnafugata Golf Resort is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should be itching to get to Italy to enjoy some golf. The country has some amazing options to offer resort visitors and guests. If you are planning a trip for golf, there are plenty of different types of golf courses to be able to fit in; it is not all links-style play. The thing that sets quite a few of these Italian golf courses apart is the views. Expect to see an entirely different landscape than you are used to from other countries. All serious golfers will enjoy what golf in Italy is all about.

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